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  1. Nicky91
    06-06-2019 02:20 PM
    so here's your revenge
  2. WickedSkengMan
    06-06-2019 02:18 PM
    Well I was robbed of ML
  3. Nicky91
    06-06-2019 02:08 PM
    a sort of Most Loved win already for you i guess
  4. WickedSkengMan
    06-06-2019 02:05 PM
    Thanks, I never expected it to be a success but I had the best manager and team
  5. Nicky91
    06-06-2019 02:02 PM
    congrats with your success of the immigration party
  6. Nicky91
    01-05-2019 10:26 AM

    Kane Brown to present a award at the BBMA's this year

    Kelly Clarkson hosting it for second time in a row now
  7. Nicky91
    20-04-2019 05:20 PM
    is it in my headdddddddddddddddddddd, am i the only one when the war is just begun

    when you look away look away look away

  8. Nicky91
    15-11-2018 09:50 AM
    you liked Jonnie last year on strictly, yet you are being rude to Lauren now

    Jonnie wasn't a perfect dancer but i enjoyed watching him

    Lauren isn't perfect i know, but i love watching her performances over and over
  9. Nicky91
    22-09-2018 12:31 PM

    wanna play in my strictly sweepstake game
  10. Nicky91
    16-08-2018 02:47 PM
    had a good laugh now, with that little script i made of how it could've happened for celeb 14 on CBB when he first refused to sign up and then cancelling all of his bookings

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