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  1. Kate!
    Yesterday 05:10 PM
    Meow Meow Jersey. How are you?
  2. caprimint
    13-11-2019 12:42 PM
    Also we've been doing this thing lately on this app called Olio and basically you can get food/drinks/other stuff for free. It's essentially stuff that is going to go to waste so people give it out. We collected hella bottles of alcohol the other day (one FULL bottle of sparkling perry) and also loaaaads of food (that expires on that day) from different places (Pret, Costa, Planet Organic, Selfridges etc). It saves SO much money and it's actually quite fun. Got this avocado/onion/tomato sushi the other day from Selfridges which was originally £9.50 and it was a solid 10/10
  3. caprimint
    13-11-2019 12:42 PM
    Yeah that's it. They basically take you around and show you different areas in which he killed people possibly (I'm guessing), one of my friends went quite a while ago and I'm PISSED I was too lazy to go along too

    It is fun. I'm doing the same today too I actually enjoy being tipsy more than totally drunk so that I'm TRYING so hard to walk in a straight line and not see double.

    Yasss re-listen and discover what you're missing
  4. caprimint
    11-11-2019 01:18 PM
    Yeah it sounds cool. There's also this Jack The Ripper tour in London and I'm pretty sure it's free and it sounds like a LOT of fun. Idk if you know anything about him but he was a serial killer from yeaaars ago and he's pretty famous here (although I didn't know anything about him until I moved here tbf )

    Yeah it's their perfect opportunity for some crime, it must be so scary having kids in London after knowing a lot more about different areas, because now I'm living in South West and there is some real TRASH around with estates everywhere. I don't even like walking there at night now

    Yeah I'm going to be drinking today actually I haven't been as much lately or just having like a couple of drinks instead of getting full on drunk.

    I'm literally OBSESSED with Dark Bars But yeah as you said the album overall is amazing.
  5. LukeB
    08-11-2019 06:43 PM
    i was thinking that the other day! damn a missed opportunity

    no not really, i've been here less than usual tbh
  6. caprimint
    07-11-2019 03:20 PM
    Pumpkin picking sounds SO much fun. I've only ever done strawberry picking before and thats when I was super young Haunted houses sound amazing too and I think there are a few that exist in London but I've never got around to actually doing it. I thought there were gonna be hella stabbings this year but surprisingly an average amount here.

    Exactly the same I don't even know what I do nowadays except normal every day things that take the day away.

    Also!!!! I listened to Miranda's album and **** it's so good!!!!!
    My favourites are Dark Bars (my favourite song EVER, maybe you could guess I'd like it ), Tequila Does, It All Comes Out In The Wash, Way Too Pretty For Prison and Settling Down. Almost the opposite ones
  7. caprimint
    04-11-2019 10:11 PM
    I'm shocked that you don't celebrate Halloween all that much seeing as it's an American thing It's literally everything I don't like though... parties and dressing up so it's definitely not for me I've never done anything aside from when I was really young and went trick or treating. Do y'all celebrate bonfire night? This weekend my bf and I went to see a couple of different firework displays and they were really nice

    It's a good busy I guess, because we've just been going out places and spending time together pretty much. But it's also crazy how quickly time passes without doing anything in particular

    Omg I'm SO happy by how much you like the album I can only imagine how much I'm gonna love it if this is your reaction lmao. I still haven't listened yet BUT I definitely will some time this week for sure. I've heard Locomotive before and I always remember thinking it's something that you'd like knowing your taste
  8. Morgan.
    04-11-2019 09:01 AM
    Oof I just finished it and wow that was so good! I thought it’d be missing some rtv alum but it really wasn’t
  9. caprimint
    03-11-2019 02:23 AM
    Omg yes you reminded me, I haven't even checked online and forgot I need to check it out this weekend

    Yeah I don't very much anymore either, it's kinda less engaging when there are no shows on (or at least that I'm watching and it's not like I'm gonna discuss TVUSA with Nicky let's be REAL now). I've been quite busy and just not really bothered too much to check in lately either.

    Did you do anything for Halloween??
  10. Morgan.
    30-10-2019 08:01 AM

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