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  1. Ammi
    Yesterday 07:51 AM
    ...I have to say that I fell a little bit asleep last night through don5 have a huge thought about more.....oooooops...I’m still loving it though, I was just incredibly have a stunning day, yeah.....
  2. Ammi
    Yesterday 07:49 AM
    ...didn’t you just fall in love with Paige last she went for her guy.....I’m not sure Finley worthy of her..?...he seems like a nice heart is breaking for Shaughna, though...once bitten, twice’s funny how much they don’t show because I haven’t really got that...’Callum is such a charming/fun guy’ type it’s harder to &at home why she keeps getting bitten...but still she smiles through it and can joke about see that’s the thing as well about us not always seeing what they’re seeing and the whole of it...?...because it’s not just missing bits that can make it confusing, it can change whole contexts...Mike’s ‘reluctance’ etc....being vibes he’s getting from Leanne and not the other way around..?....
  3. Ammi
    22-01-2020 08:08 AM
    ...I’m starting to warm toward Siannise a lot and feel so sorry for her...she’s gorgeous obviously, in her looks...?..and they commented on her moves and sexy, sexy mama dancing as well...and yet she can’t quite get her guy.....Something about her personality that we’re not being shown as strongly as it’s felt there..?..poor Shaughna though...once bitten, twice bitten..... I’m pretty sure that Callum and Rebecca are going to couple was all in the kiss......

    ...I’m just really feeling a bad vibe from Mike and I can’t shake it off...when they were going on their da5e, when the text came through..?...his ‘excitement’ seemed a bit disingenuous to he was over playing it...I hate thinking things like that though because I always try not to think things like that and to judge...just on a’s all looking to be a long hot winter on the island, though......

    ...y’all have a splendid day now......
  4. Ammi
    21-01-2020 05:31 AM
    .....hmmmm, it was all in the dance.....Callum’s interest really didn’t seem to be with Shaughna...hopefully I’m wrong but I’m just not getting a vibe from those two...last night in general was really interesting because the dancing seemed to show that many of them aren’t committed to their couplings yet...that many of them are open to explore other couplings...? obviously, we have the newbie, Rebecca...and Siannise’s reaction was particularly funny...I loved your screenshot of her in the thread.....and when that was being shown/her of the girls was describing Siannise...except she wasn’t...she was describing’s traumatising enough having a newbie coming in ...but having a newbie that looks similar to you...OMG...... have a perfect day.....
  5. Ammi
    20-01-2020 08:09 AM
    ...Mike..?...hmmmm, yeah...I think that I was a bit dazzled and happy when he realised his one true love in Leanne..?..but now I’m feeling a little uneasy about him as well...I just still have this feeling that he may break her heart...that he’s being very disingenuous...and also that he’s not very respectful..? can see, I really invest in these lovelies......

    ...I hope that your day is filled with sparkling take care.....
  6. Ammi
    20-01-2020 08:07 AM
    ...I think Siannisse could be great long as they show her self entitlement ...Siannisse Fudge might just be the greatest name ever.....Hmmmmm, I’m not really getting much of a vibe of attraction from Shaughna and Callum tbh..?...which is strange because she obviously wanted her guy back...they just don’t seem to gel that well for me...but we’ll see...
  7. GiRTh
    20-01-2020 01:03 AM
    Hey man. Love to see you're watching The Wire. Enjoy. Its worth it . IMO the best show of all time.
  8. Ammi
    18-01-2020 08:20 AM
    ...I slept in this always I’m in a rush, as always I’m a have a most wonderful day, ya hear.....
  9. Ammi
    18-01-2020 08:19 AM
    ...well, it’s not showing much of Mike and Leanne atm because it’s focusing on the new couplings...their re-coupling Hasn’t been tested yet and it would be interesting for a new guy to come in who fitted exactly with Leanne’s presence in guys..?...not only to see if she could easily have her head turned, but to see how Mike behaved to the newcomer as well...?...
  10. Ammi
    18-01-2020 08:17 AM
    ...awwww, we lost Eve...(..I still struggled to tell them apart in personality as well..)...but I liked both of them, I couldn’t really see anything not to like...I was kinda hoping that Siannise would go....oooops...she just generally seems less sensitive to the feelings of others than the others do atm....mind you, we do have to have a blend of characters, so I guess she does create that balance for me...I agree with you about Connor, I really haven’t taken to him at all...and it’ll be interesting now that someone has taken ‘his lady’......because he did seem a bit possessive...but I’m quite liking Mike...

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