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  1. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 08:56 PM
    Might go into some more detail of your reply next time I get on, I just got on quickly now and also super sad rn about Kobe Bryant passing away I assume you know him, as many who don't even watch sports do, but an NBA legend. One of my fave NBA players. Really sad tragic news </3
  2. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 08:56 PM
    The teddy </3 That totally makes sense, the sentimental personal stuff always means the most, they're just irreplaceable. </3 Sounds nice though, yaaas definitely want to see the view

    I feel like I'm preeetty similar I'm just a bit more talkative and laughing a lot, constantly looking for a good laugh (I'm like that regularly but it's exemplified more when drunk/high and we'll laugh at anything). Although I can be kinda anxious drunk... when I mix or go OTT idk, just wild/idiotic lol. As for hookah, I just kinda grew tired of it quickly & I'm not big on tobacco that's prob why. Nooo @ you passing out from smoking too much hookah honestly I'm surprised the guy from NY didn't pass out Friday night, he went OD with everything & at one point just sat there smoking the hookah for minutes straight in his own world lmao Nah I didn't drink at my cousin's just kinda chilled with family but it was ok.
  3. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 03:51 PM
    Oh and AC next weekend! Literally end of the month / start February off right
  4. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 03:51 PM
    I do barely even remember now tbh but mostly because I got so drunk AND high again this Friday for my friend’s bday (and smoked a bit of hookah which idk I think is overrated tbh). Crazy trippy both times tho I rarely remember (or even find out) the name of the weed but this one was STRONG and the name was so memorable (gorilla glue ). He had some guys/girls from NY around (he works in NY) and they’re fun hilarious people. One dude got HAMMERED more than any of us and was easily the funniest one there from the start, total clown, made the night. I drank this wine cocktail my friend’s gf made, a Corona & took some shots of this sweet vodka drink that didn’t even seem too strong but something one of them said was so true “it creeps up on you” Dumb of me, I had a pretty bad hangover all day yesterday at my little cousin's birthday party (two birthdays back to back nnn). LUCKY you not getting hangovers!
  5. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 03:50 PM
    OMG shiiiiit not losing all your stuff That sounds so awful, I HATE losing anything it totally ruins my mood for a while so can’t even imagine losing all that at once. Really nice of your friend to get you a new laptop!! Have you replaced any of the rest or still without it all? Also how was the time with your bf, a week prob felt like nothing after not seeing him for a while but did you do anything big or enjoyed the time together from what you could?

    Messs @ taking tips off my dad Tbh that’s basically what I do lolol but I’ve had even hotter streaks than him with what he's taught me/what I've learned! I just go on awful streaks too & this BAD slump needs to end now
  6. JerseyWins
    25-01-2020 05:51 PM
    NOT you gone over a week
  7. JerseyWins
    18-01-2020 04:17 PM
    Yeah I go with friends like 90% of the time, mostly like 1-3 friends. But sometimes my dad goes same days with either same/diff room. I think we're having a lot of people go this time like 5-10 coming thru, which I prefer less tbh but should be nice for a changeup. Thats still a bit away tho so not sure. Gonna be smoking weed & **** tonight for UFC btw
  8. JerseyWins
    18-01-2020 04:17 PM
    Oh wait is your bf back? Nice that you got a place to stay for a bit, let me know how it is Saaame I like the feel outside late at night (calm/dark/free - pretty peaceful). Stay safe tho walking around drunk that late! /DadJersey nnn

    My dad's pretty legit at poker for sure. He also taught me when I was like 9 & then I taught some buddies when we were young & even others from back in HS & stuff so I/he created some early gamblers lmao.. But it's just one of my hobbies while my dad treats is as a job. It's more fun when profiting tho

    He'll try other games but like when he's winning big or earns some free casino $ "slot dollars" etc. afaik. He's smart about it (unlike me )
  9. JerseyWins
    16-01-2020 01:41 AM
    As for how I do it, I guess I have my gambling dad to thank or blame for getting me into it (nah def thank ). But I guess I've been gambling there a lot lately & the more you play, the more room offers you get. Reduced prices mostly but getting free rooms is new to me, it's something we usually just relied on my dad for if we can't get a cheap price... idk if these offers will be a constant thing now tho

    I definitely overdid it, going at least 7-8 times this past year including like.. every month since the summer My dad has a higher status Borgata card that me & friends are nowhere near cause he's there constantly (sometimes a couple weekends in a row type **** ). He gets hella extra perks & 2 free nights a week whenever he wants basically. But he's at the poker table like all day when he goes that's why lol. And he makes money there, something I used to be able to do I literally expect another loss ngl!!!
  10. JerseyWins
    16-01-2020 01:41 AM
    Your dreams seem cute & fun tho! I feel like I mostly have nightmares. We'd definitely be getting chased by a killer & like fall off a cliff if it was me. I guess I get feeling weird after although worst feeling for me is when I have a GREAT dream & then just wake up realizing it's only a dream. Feels depressing! Kinda better off when I don't remember my dreams

    Ahhh not an hour to get back from the store. Do you even remember what you were doing?

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