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Red Moon 17-06-2007 08:03 AM

Kit Kat Sex Scandal

Kit Kat Sex Scandal
DRAG QUEENS the Kit Kat Dolls were hurriedly booted off Britain's Got Talent show after the News of the World discovered three of them were selling SEX.

The nine-strong troupe of gender benders who have wowed judge Simon Cowell and millions of voting viewers over the past week were on course to win the top 100,000 prize and a spot at the Royal Variety Performance.

But that went up the spout on Friday night when transvestite lead singer Vanilla Lush whose hooker name is Cindy invited our reporter to visit him for a sordid SEX SESSION in his room at the hotel where the ITV show's contestants are staying.

"I can only see you for a short time. It's going to cost you 1,000 in cash if you want to ******* me tonight darling," said the 29-year-old cross-dresser.

"I have to be up early because I'm performing live tomorrow, you'll see me on TV, I'm in the semis of Britain's Got Talent."

We also found two other Kit Kat members who also dress as women but still have male organs on the game...

REDHEAD ALEKSSANDRA: The 27-year-old Brazilian trannie offers sexual services including spanking and whipping sessions, promising to be "that gorgeous T-girl you have been looking for".

BRUNETTE TONI: The 24-year-old sells sex under the name of Eva, claiming to be an "active pre-op transsexual with very soft skin and natural pert breasts".

As the show's viewing figures hit 10 million, a spokesman told us: "We'd like to thank the News of the World for bringing this gross abuse of our trust to our attention.

"We have removed the group from the show. As a consequence of this incident the whole band has had to be punished. We feel let down as do their fellow bandmates."

The tranny band impressed judges Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden as they were voted one of the 26 semi-finalists in the new show that has gripped the country.

After listening to their rendition of Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls, smiling X-Factor creator Cowell said: "Great act. Love the attitude!"

But Mr Nasty would have been displaying his usual scowl had he known the truth about pouting Vanilla, aka Cindy.

He advertises his services on several X-rated websites, wearing black stockings and suspenders, with the words: "I am into most scenes, always safe and never hurried. For a genuine girlfriend-like experience contact me Monday to Friday between noon and 8pm."

After our reporter contacted Cindy, he texted back, bragging: "I'm competing in Britain's Got Talent on ITV tomorrow. I can't be found out to be working the night before.

"Come to my hotel, Premier Travel Inn, Kings Cross... It's cash only. 7 till 8, one thousand pounds. X. Room number on departure."

A pal of the wannabe star told us later: "Cindy is basically a male slut. He will do anything for a few quid. He offers hand relief, oral sex and unnatural sex. He will help perverts fulfil any sexual fantasy they have as long as they have cash. He is very greedy."

TONI or Eva charges from 100 for a quick half-hour sex session. He has been desperately trying to hide his sordid sideline while he bids for showbiz stardom.

His online advert describes himself as "very feminine and convincing" with a 36B-32-40 figure. The ad is accompanied by pictures of him wearing black lingerie and high heels as he lies invitingly on a bed.

Other snaps show him wearing black knee-high PVC boots and brandishing a whip.

A hooker for over two years, he states: "I offer a full TS girlfriend experience in the comfort of my own home in east central London. So many kisses. Give me a call." His prices for a quick half-hour session start from 100.

ALEKSSANDRA charges 150 an hour for punters visiting his flat in central London, or 250 an hour for making outcalls to hotels or clients' homes.

A pal said: "She is saving up money to have the op. She wants to become a woman and has already grown breasts and looks very good."

The tranny's ad on another site has raunchy pictures showing off his 36C bust. The ad reads: "I am a very friendly Brazilian pre-op TS."

The scandal is the second to hit the show in three days. On Friday George Formby impressionist Richard Bates claimed he quit the show after injuring himself in an accident with his electric organ.

But it was revealed he left after cops rang the show to alert bosses that Bates, 27, was on the Sex Offenders' Register.

Simon Cowell was said to be furious when TV bosses told him about the Kit Kat Dolls' vice shame.

"He's absolutely livid that they managed to get on the show. He considers it a serious blow to the integrity of the contest," said a show insider.

"He feels the band had great potential and were given a very big opportunity to carve a career in showbiz but they have blown it."
Source: News of the World

Chri$ 17-06-2007 08:20 AM

OMG agen.................?

Matt 17-06-2007 05:23 PM

How many sex scandals will hit BGT this year?

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