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Default Revelations

Sometimes you can live with someone all your life, and never really know them at all.

They can show sudden unexpected generosity and sacrifice, but sometimes they will betray you in a heart beat.

Also sometimes, this other person you live with, can be you, and you are not the person you thought you were, which I suppose the daughter of the late Spirit of True Love must be feeling, since her mentor since her mother's death, Yagel Pen Swift is not an elven lawyer, but a drow, a dark elf, a sort of anti-elf. (No wonder he sucked when he was defending her at the trial)

Even worse, the daughter was not who she thought she was.

The Spirit of True Love's daughter was clearly confused, "Yagel, What is going on" she asked clearly terrified, "did I do something wrong"

"I said Silence" he shouted at her, then he turned to look at me, "Now you are here along with that troll" he added pointing at the Prince Low Troll, groaning in the doorway of the tavern after taking a magic missile to the chest, "My queen will be most pleased"

The tavern had fallen silent, as most of the people there were player characters. Who knew what they had all seen on their computer screens in the real world.

It was kind of obvious, that it looked like it would be ending here, where I lived vicariously in cyber space, so what had I to loose.

"So Yagel" I asked, "What happened to the real Spirit of Fancying"

The drow chuckled to himself, "So, I see you have met the queen already" Yagel pulled from his cloak what appeared to be a mobile phone. "Wonderful gadgets these" he sneered, "And since everyone in the realm of mortals just have to have them, they became available to us"

The drow, thumbed a few buttons, as if texting, "Mind you, the cost to text between dimensions is just ridiculous"

"I'm sure you could get a better call plan from phones-for-u" I nervously quipped.

I could see that the spirit child was very distressed, and confused. She was mouthing the words "But I am the spirit of fancying"

I reiterated my question, "What happened to the real Spirit of Fancying"

The Drow grinned again, "She was taken away by the fairies, they say she was sent to the world of mortals. Maybe that was why her mother kept travelling there so often. Shame though, the young spirit will most likely be dead by now, or even turned into a mortal, which almost amounts to the same thing."

The young spirit before me was clearly distressed, "So who am I ?" she was mouthing, not wanting Yagel to shout at her again.

Yagel noticed I was looking at her, and turned round and pointed at her, "you, you snivelling brat, are the Spirit of Fidelity, you always were. Fancying was your most probably dead twin sister"

I could see that the Spirit of Fidelity, as she truly was, was trying to curl into a ball. She was terrified and confused. Everything about her life was a lie and the reason why her efforts to bring people together had failed suddenly made sense"

"But Brimanda" she wept

"Brian and Amanda" I told her as softly as I could, "were completely natural, sometimes that happens" I told her how her mother once told me that she had found that out before and so would leave such a couple unenchanted.

Suddenly behind me I felt the rush of wind, I looked round and saw a dimension gateway opening up in the wall of the tavern

Through the gateway, I saw the figure of the Spirit of Lust with two drow body guards approaching the virtual world of the World of Warcraft. As she stepped out of the gateway, it closed behind her leaving the tavern wall untouched, except for what seemed to look like a computerised wire drawing. Suddenly the wall was completely solid.

"So" I thought" the servers in the real world are having problems coping with a major spirit.

The Spirit of Fidelity looked at her aunt in total fear, she had heard stories when she was growing up about this vice spirit. Fidelity remained silent.

"My queen you give me this great honour" Yagel started.

Suddenly he collapsed on the floor, a crossbow bolt in his chest. The Prince Low troll had obviously recovered from the magic missile attack. The Drow body Guards, drew their flaming swords and stood ready to protect the Spirit of Lust.

The Spirit of lust looked unconcerned

"Thank the titans for that" she quipped, "his obsequiousness was nausiating.

"Aunty" Whispered the Spirit of Fidelity, "I'm sorry" the whimpered

The Spirit of Lust gave her a mere contemptuous glance and turned round to look at me. I glanced around, but there was no sign of the troll. But I did notice that some of the furniture, would occasionally turn into a blue line drawing, and then back to "normal" The Servers in the real world were definitely being taxed by this entity.

The Spirit of Lust, spoke to the drow on her right. "Find that Troll and kill it will you please"

"By your command, my Queen" he replied and headed out into the main body of the tavern.

"So, Graeme, We meet again" The Spirit of Lust addressed me, still as contemptuous as ever, "Why my deluded sister thought you were a cyber warrior eludes me, you are but a fragile pathetic mortal"

Then she turned her head and glared at the Spirit of Fidelity, "almost as pathetic as my daughter's grubby little brats" she said with anger in her voice.

Cyber Warrior????

That was it. I was a cyber warrior, and this was effectively my realm. I let my mind concentrate, and suddenly I could feel the information flows of the servers flowing through me. I could feel a power, that would only exist here. The Spirit of Lust had made her first mistake, but she was still more powerful.

"How could you kill your own sister" I challenged her, my voice suddenly changing.

For a moment she was taken aback, as indeed was I.

"Actually, it was Yagel, I merely watched as he throttled the life out of her with his bare hands, coated of course with hind's blood"

The Spirit of Fidelity watched on, still curled up on the floor, with tears in her eyes.

"So why all this civil war, why get Yagel to track down Brimanda"

"Simple darling", the civil war will make a collective unconscious feedback loop to facilitate my entry back into the world of mortals, in such a way as I can remain as long as I need, and when Brimanda were located, a sudden fireball, and Chiggy would be the prime couple, feeding the desires of lust"

Suddenly, the remaining drow dropped as a crossbow bolt hit him. I turned around and saw the Prince Low Troll with a cross bow, grinning from ear to ear. Behind the Troll was the other drow, with flaming sword raised.

"Behind you" I yelled and went to point at the Drow. Suddnely a bolt of lightning flew from my hand and turned the Drow into a grease stain on the wall.

"How dare you" Screamed the Spirit of Lust

Fidelity continued to cower

The troll ran to the young spirit and thrust into her hand his talisman of permanence and whispered something into her ear. I could see a shocked expression on her face.

The Spirit of Lust was more interested in me than what the troll was doing. She hurled a fire ball at me, I held up my hands, and suddenly it dissipated on some kind of invisible shield. Even so it felt pretty hot. In my head I could here -5 hit points.

The servers were trying to treat this as just another fight, but they were not able to cope as momentarily the whole tavern was just a blue line drawing.

Suddenly I had an idea, although I had no idea if it would work. In her staff I noticed another orb of dimension jumping.

"The Orb" I screamed pointing to it. Suddenly a magic missile hurled from my hand at the orb, only to dissipate harmlessly at one foot from the target.

"Your not the only one who can cast a shield spell" the Spirit of Lust Grinned.

Suddenly the orb shattered as the troll used her distraction whilst talking with me to take it out.

She span round to glare at the troll. This was my only chance, even if this was a suicidal manoeuvre which would really annoy the heck out of all the gamers logged in.

I let my mind plug into the servers and sent the command, Alt Def 4

Suddenly everything started to fade and any characters left in the tavern were vanishing. The Spirit of Lust put her hands to her head and screamed "What have you done"

I ran across to the Spirit of Fidelity

"Take her to your world" Screamed the Troll as he activated a dimension jump orb.

"What about you" I asked, "and the other non orcs"

"I'm off to join them in Second Life" he winked as he left through what appeared to be a wire frame drawing of a pipe.

As the dimension jump orb warmed up , the Spirit of Lust stood up, parts of her turning into blue line drawings. "I will kill the pair of you" she screamed and hurled a huge fire ball at us. Instinctively the Spirit of Fidelity held up her hand, and the fireball was turned back, on the Spirit of Lust.

The orb was ready, and I grabbed the Spirit of Fidelity's hand and dragged her through to the world of mortals, just as the World of Warcraft shut down, with the Spirit of Lust, still inside.

For the moment, it was over and we were back in London, in Hyde Park near the Serpentine.

The Spirit of Fidelity looked across the water at a setting sun.

I was suddenly curious

"Fidelity, what did the Prince Low Troll tell you"

"Fidelity? Oh I forgot that is my real name. I is going to take some getting used to." she started, still a little confused that she was not who she had always she believed she was. Then after staring at the ducks on the Serpentine continued. "He said I have a twin sister, and she has the only other talisman of permanence, and she is here in the world of mortals"

"Just like Yagel had said" I replied, "removed by the fairies"

Fidelity nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I have to find her"

Together we watched the sun set, then I had an idea.



"Allow me to introduce you to McDonalds, I believe there is a branch near by at Marble Arch"...

The End - For now

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