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Originally Posted by Toy Soldier View Post
To be fair, the people she's surrounded by in her "real world" aren't going to judge her for this and to be honest will probably find it all hilarious. She was, after all, happily sharing these things publicly with friends and family. But as you say Ammi she is now pretty much limited to that social circle and that life, and apparently even McDonald's won't have her now so I'm not sure what she's supposed to do in terms of work .
...well thatís it though, TS...was this not an expansion opportunity outside of her environment..(..potentially..) have experienced time in the house with a diversity of lives and characters and thoughts, which many people donít get... that is the thing isnít it....the sad reality of what can create Ďracistí and other worrying views...I mean maybe it would have made no difference but it would have been an sheís going to be at a complete disadvantage in being branded a Ďracistí so young in her life...she wonít have 10 years of looking back, as James has know...they just donít compare to me ...also because his is a misguided humour type thing of years ago...not something he actually believed as such..?...whereas hers is a mindset, a belief she genuinely appears to have...and learned from her environment influences throughout her life, I would think ...

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