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Originally Posted by Ammi View Post
...yeah thatís my dog with my bone and Iím not easily letting go of it...what they did was reckless and dangerous to a young member of the public...
I think that's a major danger of the "18" cut off... like "You're 18 now so you're a grown up!" which, to most of us once we hit 25+ and certainly 30+ we realise is nonsense. They wouldn't be able to have done this to a 16 or 17 year old, but when it's a 19/20 year old they're "an adult" and so, fair game? When if we're being really honest and realistic, people in their early 20's are pretty much still kids. Most have very little experience of the world, most are still emotionally very immature... jusat babies really . My sister-in-law has just turned 23 and it's really only the last 6 months or so that she's started to seem a bit more like a "real adult"... when she was 20/21 she was basically the same 13 year old kid I met when I first got together with my wife.

Basically I think most people should be given some leeway with things they've expressed before maybe their mid 20's. A lot of it is utter garbage that bears very little relation to who they are as an adult.

I dunno.

I'm 33 and I'm not entirely the same person I was when I joined TiBB, and that was only 5 years ago .
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