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Originally Posted by chuff me dizzy View Post
Cameron handled him so well ,as did Lewis, you dont have to shout and rant to win an argument, you have to be the brighter, more intelligent person

Also, it's the most pathetic, infantile and ridiculous thing for a so called adult coming on a show, other than a pantomime, and calling himself the King.

What utter rubbish, he is and looks the idiot for it and he's stuck with it now too.

Cameron opens that up expertly and how Hussain cannot get the better of Cameron, as he himself now likely inside realises, he has thrown the house a stick to beat him with.
A stick that when others raise it, reminds the voting public, of the infantile stupidity of Hussain.

Just get him out for goodness sake.
He was never needed, isn't needed now and is taking up a place there must have been loads of more worthy individuals, who would have filled considerably better.

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