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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 7: Dane
BB19: Lewis G
Survivor 38: Kelley
CBBUSA2: Ryan Lochte

Episode 7:

- Josh is a paranoid MESSSSSSS
- Josh comparing the racism he faces as a Jewish person to what Danielle & Marcellas may face.. idk if I'd say that's in bad taste or a hilarious eviction plea but Josh is hilarious to me regardless
- Danielle wanting to use the veto on Josh
- That conversation between Danielle & Marcellas about what to do with the veto/replacement nominee was so intense
- Bwahahah @ this Roddy/Chiara/Amy dysfunctional love triangle segment Maaaajor Chiara-Amy beef
- Awww Danielle not using the veto, that's really disappointing. A tease after she seemed set on using it the whole time but seemed like just a matter of who to use it on

I'm quickly starting to REALLY like this season But this eviction could mean a lot for it in a good or bad way

1. Josh
2. Chiara
3. Danielle

4. Lisa
5. Eric
6. Lori
7. Jason (I like a nice person but man he almost feels too soft to me )

8. Roddy
9. Tonya
10. Amy (veeery hit or miss with her, some moments or episodes I like her and others I don't)
11. Gerry (a tad annoying but funny mess too)
12. Marcellas (interesting character but eh I just don't like his general attitude that much)

I don't dislike anyone on this cast and I kinda feel like maybe I won't. They're all pretty dynamic and have their positive attributes while no one's truly a constant annoyance for me. In the same token, I'm only really STRONGLY supporting the top 3 on my list right now.
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