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Default TiBB HotSeat 2019 - Round #8 (SherzyK)

TiBB HotSeat 2019
Round #8 - SherzyK

(because this was the goat diary room chair and I won’t hear otherwise.)

- HotSeat is a game in which forum members put themselves forward to be interviewed by other members of the forum about absolutely anything, for example their favourite TV shows, their least favourite movies, what music they listen to. But looking at previous HotSeats, I’m sure you will come up with more interesting questions than that.

- This is a great opportunity to get to know Sherzy better, as after all it’s better to be an open book than a dusty one that’s never been opened!

- Sherzy is under no obligation to answer every single question that is put forward to him, but the HotSeat would encourage him to answer most of them, otherwise there’s not much point in sitting on it, is there?

- You have until Tony Montana’s round, which is tomorrow, to ask Sherzy those questions you’ve been waiting to ask but never had the guts to until now...

- Are you interested in playing HotSeat? Sign up here!



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