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Favourites (more):
BB14: Daley
BB12: Aaron
CBB9: Karissa & Kristina Shannon
The Voice 2012: Becky Hill


A lot of Uncharted 3 multiplayer and FIFA12 online.

Also close to completing Deus Ex, which I'm enjoying. Absolutely love the style, they pull it off brilliantly.

Tales of Vesperia, Rayman Origins, Skyrim and Saints Row the Third are all games I'll be playing more of in the next few weeks. As well starting LA Noire and Shadows of the Damned, and probably starting Beyonetta again since I'll have probably completely forgotten how to play it by now.

And I've got Windwaker waiting to be played as well. Video games at the moment And there's still a ton that I need to play from last year.
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