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Default How does the BB voice always sound the same?

I'm currently watching Tim's season, and maybe it's my cacky PC speakers, but whenever the HMs are chatting with BB in the DR, BB speaks to the House, or they're nominating, the BB voice always sounds the same.

Is there a voice filter on the microphones they use or something?
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imo theres a notable difference between some of the old bb voices and the ones now. the main male voice from bb6 was my fave <3
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I've always wondered this. There's no way the same producer is always on duty 24/7. I think the voices must be pre-recorded and stitched together (how they do BBUSA) or there's some sort of voice changer they use. I like that they used to have one uniform, consistent and stern voice. Sometimes they had a female voice, but that also always sounds the same.
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Some of them are dubbed over for the episodes so that it is just one voice for the audience.

That guy will always voice the main events either way. Nominations, tasks etc.
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Yeah some seasons they dubbed all the highlights with the ‘main voice’. Some seasons there’s obvious different voices though.

I always liked it, added to the concept of Big Brother being one all-seeing, all-knowing entity.
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