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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
X Factor 2018: Dalton Harris
CBB22: Rodrigo Alves
Love Island 4: Alex G
Default Rank the AGT Champions contestants

If you've been following the series than rank all of them based on what you've seen (other performances can be considered) and if not just rank the ones you know.

1. Susan Boyle
2. Tokyo Myers
3. Attraction
4. Tape Face
5. Kseniya Simonova
6. Shin Lim
7. Paul Zerdin
8. Paul Potts
9. Preacher Lawson
10. Courtney Hadwin
11. Brian Justin Crum
12. Colin Cloud
13. Darcy Oake
14. Piff the Magic Dragon
15. Drew Lynch
16. Cosentino
17. Sara & Hero

18. Darci Lynne Farmer
19. Bianca Ryan
20. Cristina Ramos
21. Ashleigh & Sully
22. Jon Dorenbos
23. Kenichi Ebina
24. Izzy Simpson
25. Kechi
26. Sal Valentinetti
27. Angelica Hale
28. Alex Magala
29. Deadly Games
30. The Professional Regurgitator
31. Billy & Emily England
32. Jackie Evancho
33. DJ Arch Jnr
34. Sons of Serendip
35. The Clairvoyants
36. Lost Voice Guy
37. Light Balance
38. Sofie Dossi
39. The Texas Tenors
40. Justice Crew
41. Uzeyer
42. Moonlight Brothers
43. Ryan Stock & AmberLynn
44. Samuel J. Comroe
45. Viktor Kee
46. Vicki Barbolak
47. Prince Poppycock
48. Taylor Williamson
49. DDF Crew
50. Tom Cotter

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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Isabella
Love Island 5: Yewande
BBCanada 7: Eddie
BB19: Brooke


  1. Courtney Hadwin
  2. Attraction
  3. Kechi Okwuchi
  4. Ashleigh and Sully
  5. Billy and Emily England
  6. Lost Voice Guy
  7. Darcy Oake
  8. Drew Lynch
  9. Kseniya Simonova
  10. Colin Cloud
  11. Sofie Dossi
  12. Tokio Myers
  13. Issy Simpson
  14. Alex Magala
  15. Paul Zerdin
  16. Shin Lim
  17. Preacher Lawson
  18. Bianca Ryan
  19. Kenichi Ebina
  20. Cristina Ramos
  21. Deadly Games
  22. Sara and Hero
  23. Cosentino
  24. Moonlight Brothers
  25. Light Balance
  26. Jon Dorenbos
  27. Brian Justin Crum
  28. Darci Lynne Farmer
  29. DDF Crew
  30. Dr Arch Jnr
  31. Jackie Evancho
  32. Angelica Hale
  33. Susan Boyle
  34. Paul Potts
  35. Piff the Magic Dragon
  36. Prince Poppycock
  37. The Clairvoyants
  38. Uzeyer Novruzov
  39. Viktor Kee
  40. Justice Crew
  41. Ryan Stock and AmberLynn
  42. Taylor Williamson
  43. Samuel J. Comroe
  44. Tom Cotter
  45. Sons of Serendip
  46. The Texas Tenors
  47. Tape Face
  48. Sal Valentinetti
  49. The Professional Regurgitator
  50. Vicki Barbolak

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