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Default Batman: White Knight

Have any of our local comic fans read this? It's really brilliant <3

Spoiler warning, spoiler warning...

The Joker escapes Arkham, and Batman catches up with him. Batman goes too far and beats him half to death, and nearly chokes him with some meds the Joker was trying to steal. The meds cure Joker's insanity, and he's able to wrangle a release from jail and a huge settlement.
He wins over a black community by buying them a local library, and they hate Batman for a variety of reasons, and Joker Jack Napier runs for office to represent their district.
He may be cured of insanity, but not evilness. That's all I'm gonna say on that front!
One of the Harley Quinns isn't happy with him being cured, and takes the role of Neo Joker.

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