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The second of many good (if slightly unneeded) summer celebrity series

10th Place: Celebrity Big Brother 12 (2013)

(Before any of you start, I‘m fully aware that CBB8 was a summer series, but this was the second “second-yearly” celeb series after CBB10!)

The 12th celebrity series was good. Far better than the ones I’ve reviewed so far. It was a vast improvement on CBB11 and dare I say that I even preferred it to BB14! Bite me!

The series had a great deal of humour (necessary after the winters more moody tone), mainly due to Lauren Harries. From the first day, she constantly provided and made what could have been a very mediocre series into something very enjoyable.

Add in Louie, Carole, Vicky and Courtney (probably not the most memorable of housemates, however her relationship with Lauren was actually very endearing) and you had something of a diverse cast. Sure, Ron was the “formerly disgraced star who isn’t really necessary” token cast member and Mario just isn’t necessary in any real given situation, but the majority of them provided. Danielle vs Louie was something I never knew I needed and Carole talking about wanting to get Vicky out in her sleep was a scream. Sure, the winner wasn’t the best, but then when are they?

It probably feels like the least memorable summer series to me, but it certainly wasn’t a bad one.

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BB19: Sian
CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: Shane Jenek
Apprentice 2017: Elizabeth


CBB12 is so underrated. A scream of a series!
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Love Island 5: Amber
Love Island 3: Georgia
CBB17: Tiffany Pollard
BB6: Makosi


I hardly ever read series rankdowns but I’m so here for this one
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Originally Posted by Greg! View Post
CBB12 is so underrated. A scream of a series!
Agreed! It was a fun and light series!
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Apprentice 2019: Lottie
The Circle 2019: Georgina
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Lewis F


I liked CBB12. I agree it's underrated.

Terrible winner tho.

Originally Posted by Liam- View Post
Oh yeah, you could definitely see the memory of his cock in her eyes
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9th Place: Celebrity Big Brother 14 (2014)

Now, before I get into why CBB14 isn’t necessarily a fantastic series, I’ll begin by why I think it’s a pretty good one.

The bar was set high with CBB13 and it would be pretty hard to follow it up. BB15 obviously failed in that department miserably, so here was another summer celeb series to take the bitter taste of Helen’s win from our mouths. And wow, did it get off to a good start.

CBB14 may just have the best first week of any celebrity series on CH5, period. It’d even give CBB3/4 a good run for their money, too. Everything was insane and absurd and perfect. It took no time at all for tensions to rise yet it was all so bloody hilarious. Leslie Jordan screeching at Gary Busey over what CGI was short for, all whilst wearing a directors hat <3 Frenchy being sent to the “celebrity scratch heap” (as she pronounced it) with an equally confused Gary <3 Lesie vs Frenchy providing some of the best quotes the series had ever seen <3 Ok, so it wasn’t all pretty. Kellie cleary wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be in such a tense environment, and it showed (especially in her treatment to Leslie). But it was still all fascinating to watch, and I will never forget the noise made by White Dee as Leslie went to strike Frenchy for her tearing up his expensive underpants <3333.

Ok, so what went wrong?

Well, CBB14 was the victim of a veryyy unfortunate eviction order. Like, catastrophic. So yay, David went first and no-one cared but then Leslie?? Frenchy??? In a VTS? Ok, so two people going consecutively doesn’t exactly sound series-breaking, but they were both massive characters who made the beginning so fantastic. Unfortunately, what was at first a 10/10 series became more of a “good but not great” one towards the end.

Still, it’s ranked where it is for the first 12 or so days. Amazing.

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