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Big Brother 7 Discuss what winner Pete Bennett, Glyn, Aisleyne, Nikki and the other BB7 housemates are doing now, and all that happened in Big Brother 7.

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Default nikki\'s naughty bits!!

did you see the other housemates discussing Nikki's rude bits showing out of her lingerie! .. the way they edited it, it looked as though Nikki could hear what they were saying ... I'd have loved to have seen Nikki's reaction to that, considering her outburst cos the tap water was'nt to her liking.
the jury is still out on Nikki in my books, one minute i really warm to her, then she throws all her toys out of the pram. Please dont vote her out ( when she gets nominated).. we need characters like her in, i say get rid of the Dullards .. George and Glyn spring to mind. .. and Nikki is good eye candy for us guys.
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I h8 Nikki but I do enjoy her mad rages because theyre good for the shows ratings
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Eye candy? really?
i can't look past her personality.

In BB3 i loved Kate, thought she was real attractive, since leaving the hosue i can't stand her, so i can not find her attractive because of the way she is now.

I would like her if, she changed her voice. Also if she grew up, her outburst wasn't entertaining to me, it made me angry as i wanted to slap her, i wish Dawn had, now that would have been entertaining.
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i say we deprive her of bottled water, and dont let her have her suitcase until week 5.
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I think Nikki is better tv than Glyn and Bonnie without a doubt.
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I absolutlely love her....and her naughty bits lol. I can just imagine how high maintanance she would be as your gf though LOL
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I agree she is high maintenance and a spoiled brat! She called Grace patronising and claimed she is 4 years older than her! YEAH! But she behaves 8 years younger! But she can be entertainment, especially when she goes mental because of a glass of water! Maybe someone will slap her next time!
Glyn is a sweet boy, but VEEEEEEERY boring! He should go back to school!
Please leave George in! He is cute and will probably have some romance with Grace!
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No one that childish should be on such a psychologically demanding TV show.

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