Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2016 [CBB 18] Discuss the series won by Stephen Bear here.

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Favourites (more):
BB13: Adam
BB12: Harry
CBB9: Frankie Cocozza
CBB8: Paddy

I still don't know why she is classed as a celeb. She's common and broke.
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BBCanada 2: Heather
BBUSA15: Elissa

She's just a tedious, pointless waste of space!!!
Every time she was shown on the daily shows (which, thankfully, wasn't too often) she made me cringe. She seems to have so little to say and what she does say seems to be either made up or about her only two 'things' (how Cheryl destroyed her life and how she has a nan that's even more disgusting than she is!).
If she was so devastated by finding out about her Nan being a prostitute and doing porn why did she describe in detail what her Nan did in the porn movie on Big Brother ? And if you found out your 80-odd year old Nan had made a porno would you sit down and watch the whole thing ?
I couldn't even remember who she was when she first entered the CBB house and when someone reminded me who she was the only thing i could remember then was that she frequently forgot the lyrics to the songs she was given to sing! I still don't remember anything about her having any beef with Cheryl, but then i don't read The Sun or The Star or watch This Morning or Loose Women!
She just reeks of insincerity and desperation and seems extremely unaware of just about everything. How she even came up in a conversation about possible people they could get for this series of CBB just amazes me!!!? Wouldn't surprise me if it had something to do with Rylan.

Let's just hope that's the last we'll ever see of the useless bint!
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...of course she 'blasts' him..(haven't really read the story and her blasting..)...but like all of them, this is her earning potential after CBB..she's no different to other housemates/past or present... in that their stories when they leave the house all have £££££££ very much in their influence...and also the media exposure etc... these are the days that they need to 'blast' and whatever and's all business, show business, baby...

Paris is always a good idea...
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