Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2016 [CBB 18] Discuss the series won by Stephen Bear here.

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I think biggins threw the truth out, but the bb producers cut-out in what he said to the viewers, but why would bb want bear to win, what would they gain from it. there is something far deeper going on there.
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Originally Posted by delta View Post
Fixed? Only thing that if fixed is the ones on here still bleating on about the Mighty Bear.


He was up for nomination 5 times, this meant two things, he was up for noms every week and it meant potentially 7 votes or so were freed up to get his mates out too, so his position in the house would have been more vulnerable

He had to act the way he did to over come the viperous, back biting group who couldn't comprehend why the ' ordinary person' was doing so well - they thought they were the stars but didn't give us any star quality whatsoever. They were mind numbingly boring do any of your Bear haters think he would have received so much footage if any of the zombies had shown just a spark of life? He was bullied and set upon by a group who hated his every fibre. The guy overcame adversity and hostility and deserved to lift the crown.
Blimey ,of you think Bear was 'normal' I fear for humanity,he was vile and not quite wired right,imo.

No one in this world is pure and perfect , if you avoid people for their mistakes,you will be alone.
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I dont think it was fixed as such but I do think they wanted a Bear win and really pushed it and went out of their way to protect him.

They were probably exstatic when Biggins got controversial - nobody else had a sure fire fanbase and Ricky was given a nothing edit.
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