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Default Samira and Frankie are Reunited!

He actually surprised her at Gatwick Airport.
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That's really nice,glad he was there for her.

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I feel bad for doubting them

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Ahh I love this even if it is scripted for AfterSun
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this is SO cute


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I'm glad they're together. They were middle of the road contestants for me, but neither are nasty or bad people

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They filmed it many times
Originally Posted by annabelindabee View Post
I've always wondered... do you think the camera man ever wank over the hottest housemates when they are: sleeping, changing or in shower... Im mean they watch them undetected against there knowledge for hours... Im sure they would be fired if court, but I would not be surprised if many have gotten away with it... at least it can be garenteed that that wont happen if there are no camera men...

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frankie, reunited, samira

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