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Just log out and don’t log back in?
Originally Posted by Ross. View Post
Jonathan is Nicola Sturgeon
Originally Posted by Adam. View Post
How would you know i am telentless?


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Originally Posted by -Sue- View Post
I have been trying to find a way to deactivate my profile on here without success therefore I am putting it out there into the vast void or to the people that can help - please deactivate my name

After years pf trying to fit in - on season facing haters and trolls and eejits that seem to get away with breaking every rule on season watching the endless drivel of baiters and eejit posts for those seeking attention and i just can't and don't want to respond to.even if you report them very little changes.. forum has changed too much since i got here many years ago that I would rather not be here at all i won't be missed .. but will remember how it was fond memories
...what Shaun said really, Sue...I also enjoy your on season you would be missed...maybe the forum hasnít made you feel that....?...but you most definitely would be missed...I donít think Sue, that you have to try to fit into the forum...Iíve never felt as though Iíve Ďfittedí also...Iím just not really a forum type person and never have been...I think itís more just feeling comfortable in being yourself...engaging in the things and threads that you want to and leaving those things that you would rather not engage in, things that arenít really your thing, you know....thatís the thing about TiBB, thereís always something, a fairly full bag of topics and threads...

....hmmmm, i might send you a little PM if thatís ok....then youíll really know what forum pain is, Sue.....

Paris is always a good idea...
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i'd miss you Sue
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Happy Halloween TiBB
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Sue is probaby hung over today tbf
Originally Posted by BBDodge View Post
Do people get their Dulux colour chart out to classify housemates?
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Originally Posted by Nicky91 View Post
i'd miss you Sue
I doubt you know who sue is

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I will miss you from on-season -Sue-. Your personal reasons for wanting to disengage from TiBB are understandable... good luck to you in the future and just ignore the haters.
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Sue who....nah, but sue.
Cameron, Thomasz, Sian and akeem.
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deactivate, plz

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