Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 [CBB 22] Posts about the CBB22 series, won by Ryan Thomas, and housemates here.


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Default Natalia Kills should’ve been stormy Daniels replacement

Fits the eye of the storm theme perfectly. Doesn’t have that much of a career anymore so probably would’ve done it. Would’ve been an absolute scream of a housemate. What a robbery
Originally Posted by Aaliyah View Post
I hate vegans.

My cousin is vegan so when I know she's at my nannas I make me and my nanna a ham sandwhich and eat it slowly in front of her. I even tried to force some left over beef from my nannas sunday dinner down her throat before but my nanna went crazy because she started crying
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swapped for scrabble
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It could've been brilliant, but I guess she and Willy want to distance themselves from it as much as they can.


Shifra, Tzabar, Ranin. BBIL 2008.
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R.I.P Stormy Daniels
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She never had a career to start with


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Definitely not.
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it’s a mad, mad world
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i dont know her

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BB19: Sian
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CBB22: Natalie Nunn

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She's working on music with her new band, I doubt she'd even consider it


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BB19: Sian
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Roxanne Pallett followed her fate since Nat was unable to participate?
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Originally Posted by Aaliyah View Post
honestly if my mam used to like forcefully try and turn my xbox off on a school night then i remember striking her with my xbox controller and we'd be in a full blown fight she once had the wire from my turtle beach round my neck while i was pummeling her with a lucozade sport bottle gasping for air at 2am in the morning
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Originally Posted by reece(: View Post
She's working on music with her new band, I doubt she'd even consider it
Like that's gonna be succesful half the music stars who go in are also "working on new material"
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She's trash


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yes she would've been perfect for the eye of the storm theme, i remember her getting axed from x factor new zealand after one liveshow

Merry Christmas TiBB

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BB19: Sian
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli
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CBB20: Sarah Harding

I’m still surprised that they didn’t do a Ray J when she was axed off X Factor and just throw money at her to appear.
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I only remember her from that sitcom with Jasper Carrot and releasing don't play nice as Verbalicious.

Thought she had disappeared off the face of the earth tbh.

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