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Originally Posted by Toy Soldier View Post
I agree to an extent however she was knocked out of the park by Thanos with the power stone in his paw so she's not invulnerable... but yes, the enemy has to be god-level power to seem like any sort of threat and that's a slight problem. DC has consistently had the same issue with Superman... in fact, I believe it's what prompted the "invention" of Kryptonite in the first place, as a Deus Ex Machina that means Supes can always be vulnerable if green K is involved. It's been used well in the movies but was massively over-used in Smallville, though again, with the (somewhat sensible) in-story explanation that there's a higher than normal amount of green K in Smallville, as that's where the meteor shower containing Kal-El's pod landed, and also the Luthors have been gathering it up so as adult-superman out in the wider world, he won't be encountering anything like as much of it.
It seems like Marvel's solution was to keep her off screen as much as possible, kinda like the solution in Smallville for when Supergirl showed up and the writers struggled to come up with an every day threat for two kryptonians to deal with so Supergirl ended up facing all these troubles designed to either keep her depowered or out of the action.

They desperately need to humanise her more in her next appearances, she's less of a character and more of a weapon of mass destruction which is a disservice to both Bree Larson and the character as a whole (especially considering her importance as Marvel's first on screen leading female hero). The best way to write a female character is to remember they are human first and foremost and to ultimately write them just like you'd write any other character but the writers behind Captain Marvel really forgot that and it shows.
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