Big Brother 18 [Summer 2017] BB18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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BB18: Raph
X Factor 2013: Abi Alton

Default Rebecca

Rebecca was on Sunday morning Live today.
Discussing smacking children.


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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne

becky jane does love a good morning show debate doesnt she
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Favourite housemates
if a series is excluded, then I haven't watched it or don't currently have a favourite.

Favourite housemates (BBUK)
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne
BB16: Joel
BB15: Ashleigh
BB8: Charley
BB7: Aisylene
BB6: Makosi

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Favourites (more):
BB19: Tomasz
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli
Love Island 4: Georgia


yeah she was on This Morning on Wednesday talking about it as well

Youtube video
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BB20: Angela, Rockstar, Sam
BB19: Cian, Kay, Lewis F, Tomasz
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Favourites (more):
CBB22: Nick Leeson
CBB21: Amanda Barrie
CBB20: Helen Lederer


If we were robbed of a few more weeks

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G Taylforth - P Kensit - N Dell'Olio - J Connery
S Hewson - K Adams - N Sawalha - C King
K Woodburn - L Robson - L Roper - A Harriott - R Lee
F Benjamin - Mad L Webb - Mr Motivator - H Lederer
L Garrett - P StClement - D Benson Phillips - L Jackson
L Joseph - A Barrie - S Constantine - J Sugg - A Pritchard


Originally Posted by RileyH View Post
Originally Posted by Riley. View Post

You have lost your place in the house please say your goodbyes and head to the jury house.

Stars2 contestant! #CBBMitchell
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Originally Posted by AProducer'sWetDream View Post
I won't truly get closure on this show until another unsuspecting panelist is glassed by Aisleyne
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