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Default Movie Quiz

So for my movie themed party I'm having soon I have come up with a movie Quiz as part of the evening

But I wanted to see how you all would get on with it.... The only trouble is I can't guarantee your not using Google... But give it a go and try not to cheat

Movie Quiz

1. In the film Bambi what is his first word?


2. In the original wizard of oz what colour are Dorothy's slippers


3. The first film given the title blockbuster was which movie?

Close encounters of the third kind/Star Wars a new hope/Alien/Jaws

4. What Hollywood star had a job as an aircraft factory inspector

Marilyn Monroe/Fred Astaire/Doris Day/Cary Grant

5. Which movie is the first ever to have a flushing toilet?

Singing in the rain/roman holiday/Pyscho/Some like it hot

6. In which 90s film does Bill Paxton go looking for severe weather?

Deep Impact/Dantes Peak/Volcano/Twister

7. Who has gained more Academy Awards than anyone else in the film industry

Steven Spielberg/Walt Disney/James Cameron/Alfred Hitchcock

8. In the 1990 film Home Alone,Kevin gets left in Chicago when his family fly off to where?

London/Paris/Sydney/Hong Kong

9. Which famous horror film takes place in Bodega Bay

The last man on earth/The birds/Rear window/Peeping Tom

10. What is Hugh Grants occupation in the film the Notting Hill

Newspaper journalist/Bookshop owner/Chef/Musician

11. Who rejected the role of Sandy in Grease?

Meryl Streep/Marie Osmond/Diane Keaton/Goldie Hawn

12. Which film festival awards the golden lion?


13. In star wars who was the first character to speak

Princess Leia/Obi Wan/C3P0/Yoda

14. What macho actor has a real first name of Walter

Jason Statham/Bruce Willis/Sylvester Stallone/Vin diesel

15. In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclub?


16. The most Oscars won for a film is 11. To date only 3 films have done this. Name one of the films?

Titanic/Harry Potter/Avatar/Gladiator

17. Which 1993 film won the best actor Oscar for Tom Hanks?

Forrest Gump/Big/Philadelphia/Sleepless in Seattle

18. Madonna’s first UK no.1 hit single was Into The Groove – which film soundtrack did the song come from?

Pretty in Pink/St Elmos fire/Desperately Seeking Susan/Flashdance

19. The role of Indiana Jones was offered to and rejected by which actor

Richard Gere/Tom Selleck/Kevin Costner/Mel Gibson

20. Which 90s movie soundtrack is the best selling of all time?

The Bodyguard/Titanic/Romeo and Juliet/Pulp Fiction

21. Who has won an Oscar for best song:

Phil Collins/Freddie Mercury/David Bowie/Michael Jackson
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