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Default DOI releases voting results

The voting percentages for this series of Dancing on Ice have been released.

The statistics show that Hayley Tamaddon won the show with 82.9% of the public votes, compared to 17.1% for Gary Lucy.

Tamaddon received the most amount of votes 10 times out of a possible 13. The former Emmerdale actress also was the most popular contestant for three weeks leading up to the final weekend.

Mikey Graham was the only contestant to top the winner in weeks two and eight with 32.8% 35.7% respectively, and was eliminated in the ninth week despite 22.9% of the vote.

The full breakdown of the results follow:

Week One: Girls Week

Hayley Tamaddon: 34%
Emily Atack: 14.4%
Tana Ramsay: 14.3%
Heather Mills: 12.5%
Danniella Westbrook: 10.9%
Sharron Davies: 6.5%
Sinitta: 7.6%

Week Two: Boys Week

Mikey Graham: 32.8%
Jeremy Sheffield: 18.1%
Dr Hilary Jones: 10.4%
Bobby Davro: 10.2%
Kieron Richardson: 10%
Danny Young: 9.5%
Gary Lucy: 9%

Week Three

Gary Lucy: 20.1%
Mikey Graham: 18.4%
Hayley Tamaddon: 17.6%
Danniella Westbrook: 7.3%
Dr Hilary Jones: 6.3%
Danny Young: 5.9%
Heather Mills: 5.2%
Emily Atack: 4.3%
Tana Ramsay: 4.0%
Kieron Richardson: 4.0%
Jeremy Sheffield: 3.7%
Sharron Davies: 3.1%

Week Four

Hayley Tamaddon: 21.6%
Mikey Graham: 16.7%
Sharron Davies: 16.3%
Gary Lucy: 12.1%
Dr Hilary Jones: 7.4%
Emily Atack: 5.1%
Danniella Westbrook: 5.0%
Kieron Richardson: 4.9%
Heather Mills: 4.8%
Tana Ramsay: 3.6%
Danny Young: 2.5%

Week Five

Hayley Tamaddon: 28.6%
Mikey Graham: 23.4%
Gary Lucy: 11.3%
Dr Hilary Jones: 7.2%
Sharron Davies: 6.8%
Danniella Westbrook: 6.0%
Emily Atack: 4.8%
Kieron Richardson: 4.6%
Danny Young: 4%
Heather Mills: 3.3%

Week Six: Valentine's Day Special

Hayley Tamaddon: 33.1%
Mikey Graham: 16%
Gary Lucy: 15%
Kieron Richardson: 10.7%
Sharron Davies: 5.8%
Dr Hilary Jones: 5.5%
Danniella Westbrook: 4.2%
Emily Atack: 6.3%
Danny Young: 3.2%

Week Seven

Hayley Tamaddon: 31.7%
Gary Lucy: 18.9%
Mikey Graham: 18.7%
Kieron Richardson: 8%
Danniella Westbrook: 7.2%
Sharron Davies: 3.9%
Danny Young: 6.5%
Emily Atack: 5.2%

Week Eight

Mikey Graham: 35.7%
Hayley Tamaddon: 25.1%
Gary Lucy: 13.5%
Kieron Richardson: 9%
Danny Young: 6.2%
Emily Atack: 6.1%
Danniella Westbrook: 4.2%

Week Nine: Movie Week

Hayley Tamaddon: 44.8%
Mikey Graham: 22.9%
Gary Lucy: 13.7%
Kieron Richardson: 7.9%
Danny Young: 5.6%
Danniella Westbrook: 5.2%

Week Ten

Hayley Tamaddon: 50.3%
Gary Lucy: 16.4%
Kieron Richardson: 12.4%
Danniella Westbrook: 11.4%
Danny Young: 9.4%

Week Eleven: Semi-Final

Hayley Tamaddon: 53.8%
Kieron Richardson: 19.7%
Gary Lucy: 17.2%
Danniella Westbrook: 9.3%

Week Twelve: The Final

Hayley Tamaddon: 68.7%
Gary Lucy: 18.1%
Kieron Richardson: 13.1%

Week Twelve: The Final Three

Week Twelve: The Grand Finale
Hayley Tamaddon: 82.9%
Gary Lucy: 17.1

Champions 2013! #20
Thanks for everything SAF- Legend!
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83% is huge
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wow, Hayley won by a lot!
tbh, looking back at the %s, she was always a clear winner.
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Danny looked like he was quite unpopular then.

Looks like it was pretty much from the start that Hayley was the winner.
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Nice one, she deserved it
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kieron was pretty low all the way up
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Originally Posted by 'Conor View Post
kieron was pretty low all the way up
no, he did fine.
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these are wrong because they dont reflect the couples who were in the bottom 2

for instance the week where it was just the boys at the beginning suggest that Danny Young and Gary Lucy have the least amount of votes and were the bottom two yet it was Bobby Davro that went and was in the bottom two with Gary Lucy. Theres quite a few weeks that are incorrect. Maybe it was fixed? lol
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