The X Factor 2013 [S10] Series 10 of ITV's music reality show, The X Factor with judges Gary, Sharon, Nicole and Louis was broadcast August - December 2013. Sam Bailey was the winner.

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Default Luke and Tamera - only 2 who have any chance of success

Bottom 2 sing off of Luke and Tamera were the only two who can thrive beyond XF.

I like RC, but Joey is a weak link and could cause marketing issues tbh. They have their work cut out gaining support from Sbtv, bbc 1 Xtra, choice fm and kiss fm crowd (as well as more mainstream radio).

In a way as long as Luke gets to final he'll do well. He has a market (not all young people like urban) and Tam has her own lane (providing she doesn't become a beyonce/ rihanna tribute act). SYCO will need to be wary about marketing her as I suspect making her too urban will alienate her from mainstream pop fans but at same time, being an urban mixed black female act means she'll need to shed her XF origins. Your SBTV watching urban black young will be a bit icky about an XF act so Simon needs to do a James Arthur and get in Naughtie Boy and Labrynth level producers.
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Being honest the only one that will have any chance of commercial success after this series is Rough Copy, Luke will go down the niche market, and Tamera will flop for being a 2nd rate Rihanna and people will be too scared to go to one of her concerts in case she doesn't complete her songs.

And Sam B and Nicholas will obviously flop for having no style of Music whatsoever.
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Mockinator , if luke can achieve 1/5 of what Mumsfords do then he will sell. That psuedo folky malarky is very popular amongst smug middle class white kids who loathe urban but like urbanE. Once sat in coffee shop listening to some lass wittering on about how totally amazing Laura Marlin was. I thought, " who " then found out there's a massive scene (Mumsfords being biggest act obviously) which appeals to a well heeled middle class educated white set who go to gigs (lets be honest as a black woman I can see black people predominately only listen to urban cant see many owning Babel, lol).

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