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Default UKIP's Nigel Farage eyes spot in house

The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 line up could get political this year with UKIP’s Nigel Farage eying up a spot in house.

He certainly wouldn’t be the first politician to enter the house after George Galloway MP’s memorable appearance in 2006.

But the UKIP party leader could possibly prove to be one of the most controversial celebrity housemates ever.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Farage revealed he had been asked to take part already but said he’d only “think about it” were he to step down from his current role.

“I wouldn’t do it while I’m doing this job,” he told the newspaper. “Afterwards I might think about it.

“I’ve been asked before.”

The contentious MP found himself under fire earlier this year after claiming that legalising gay marriage would be “opening up a very big can of worms, with many very big risks.”

And earlier this year the UKIP leader was forced to disown his own party’s previous manifesto, which had promoted the ditching of sex education, scrapping of equality law and the swearing of allegiance to the Queen from “British subjects”.

“I didn’t read it. It was drivel,” he claimed in January. “It was 486 pages of drivel … It was a nonsense. We have put that behind us and moved onto a professional footing.”
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Like **** this is going to happen. It's not. What if he wins the election?


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"my cousin he's gay right and he's got a phobia of vaginas he thinks they're gonna eat him"
-raph starts crying more-
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not Tom being poor
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Omg maybe I am gay
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marc do you want to stay in my garden as part of your travel thing
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and then you get bitten by a snake (which is just the hose pipe with googly eyes on) and i have to suck the poison out of your body
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i need the gypsy lady that cursed me to be fat to die so the curse is lifted
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*sneaks into a caravan park and randomly stabs elderly women*
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Car crash TV waiting to happen if it does lol.
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Stellar all-star line up
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Just another reason to hope he doesn't get into power.
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Well I can't see him stepping down from his current post any time soon, and even if he did I doubt he's disgraced/bankrupt/irrelevant/desperate enough to do it
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Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper


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I can't help but feel this wanker would make an amazing housemate

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lol ok

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Christopher Maloney is the new judge of the voice 2019! my cat is the producer
Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Him to throw up every time he spins round?
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i would love that to happen because he will tell the housemates some home truths
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Omg imagine the promo
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