Big Brother 2012 (series 13) Big Brother 13 started June 5th 2012 on Channel 5, and was won by Luke A. Discuss here.

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Default Pretty awesome tasks! (and Luke A)

So I'm watching BB13 for the first time, and I think of all the C5 series I've seen, this has the best shopping tasks I'm up to Arron's eviction so far; lab rats, blue v green, no laughing... all better than anything recent

And I know Luke A wins this series, but wwhat I don't know is why? Up to this point, all I've seen him really do is bitch about cigarettes and other HMs...
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Can I get a witness?
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Luke A was overrated
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DOI 2019: Gemma Collins


I hated him
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BB13's tasks were pretty great

The Don't Laugh task is easily one of my all-time favourites.

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Rose-Coloured Boy
that was a classic
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I liked Luke Am just a nice guy who clocked the insiders
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oh fack off
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He wins because the public love male dullards. Don't worry, other than the BMI Becky incident he does nothing're not wrong
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I liked Luke A and he was definitely not boring. Being nice doesn't make somebody a boring housemate. He was much more entertaining than the likes of Conor, Ashleigh, Arron, and Luke S. And a much better person too.
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Oh and OP I'm currently re-watching BB13 and I'm not too far behind you, but I agree that the tasks are brilliant. Even those little ones they got for fun like Ashleigh's two birthday parties task were good.
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Luke A was a lovely guy, I would have preferred Adam winning though. That final 3
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Great series, not a very great winner

Thanks to Littlegreen for my lovely sig


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Pop over to the First watch thread. Can't wait to hear your opinions whilst your watching.
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He didn't deserve to win when Deana was in the same series.

So what he clocked big Becky, he took on the easiest of the insiders compared to Deana who pretty much took em all on

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