Big Brother 17 [Summer 2016] Discuss the series (won by Jason Burrill, runner-up Hughie) and all the housemates in this forum.

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Default Write your own VT for Big Brother

An example:

"Hi, I'm Noreen, 62. I live in Bolton, I love watching Strictly and Ex On The Beach! I'm a fiery girl at heart! I've just retired as a stripper after 40 long years. I'm going on Big Brother to try and shed the pounds after I appeared on Super Size vs Super Skinny, I was declared morbidly obese on the show..."

You should write the VT for yourself, not made up like the example.

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If there's any pussy I'm gonna nail it
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laura carter stan
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Hi, my name is Bonnie. I'm good looking. I just like to be single and have a laugh and just go out there and blaze it up. I like to have everyone up, everything. Do you get me? I'm sexy. I'm funny. Everything and everything. I would get my body out and I would dance for the lads. I'll bring my sexy ass down here. Come on boys, what do you think? I think everyone should just have a bare wank off competition. I'm quite easy to wind up, actually. I'm quite an argumentative person. I'll have everyone arguing in there. I proper will. I'll rip them all up. I'll check it then wreck it. No sleeping, just parties. Even Davina will be at home, flicking her bean.

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I'm Tiffany "New York" Pollard, and you might know me from The Flavor of Love
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Hey, me name's Chantelle! At a time when deeds are everything and words but little, it is not my intention to approach you, elected representatives of the German nation, more often than absolutely necessary. The first time that I turned to you was at the outbreak of the War, at the moment when, owing to the Anglo-French conspiracy against peace, every attempt to reach a possible compromise with the Poles which was otherwise possible had been eliminated. The most ruthless man of the present day who (as they themselves admit today) as early as 1936 had conceived a plan of devastating and, if possible, destroying Germany in a bloody war, because she was growing too powerful in her peaceful prosperity, had at last found an instrument in the Polish state, and prepared to draw the sword for their interests and aims.
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Hi! My name is Adjoa Mensah and I live in Manchester. I am a Pastor's daughter. People are surprised when they hear that because of the type of person that I am. I am obsessed with boobs, so I would ask a lot of girls, "are your boobs real? Can I feel them?". Most of the time, they do say "yes". But it can be frustrating when they don't let me... **** them. Yeah I do set out to shock - I still do. I can be really sweet, or really psycho bitch. But if you don't get on that side of me you won't see it!
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Originally Posted by Marsh. View Post
If there's any pussy I'm gonna nail it

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I'm Emma Greenwood.

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Hi! I'm Alex. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Leigh. I'm currently at college studying Performing Arts. I'm going into the Big Brother house because I've been a fan for AGESSS! Literally I've been waiting for so long to be able to apply.

My family went to me this year, they said "what you doing for CF (our favourite charity) this year?" I literally said "... Big Brother?". They literally all stood with their gobs wide open it was brilliant!

What sort of housemate would I be? Hmmm. I think I'd be the sort of housemate that others could vent to. Talk to. Confide in. I'm a defender. I defend my own. If I were to make friendships or alliances in the house, and someone was giving them grief I would be on it like flies on ****. If you're nice, I'm a lovely, cuddly teddy bear. Cross me and I will crush your soul!

Do I think I could win it? I think I have a 1 in 16 chance of winning it. The odds can only get better as the weeks go on and people start to get the boot.

I think I'm a laugh but others will probs say different.

Am I nervous? ... I'd be lying if I said no.
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I'm Daniel, I'm 16, I'm a South East London IT girl.
I've had various jobs; retail, I was a lap dancer, but um, I've been fired from all of my jobs so I'm unemployed at the moment.
I go out, socialise with my friends, meet new people, um I don't work and I still get to shop and all that. I go to celeb hangouts, meet great people, just blaze it up and have a laugh.
Um I choose to go out a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Saturday, and a Sunday, sometimes a Monday if I'm feeling in the mood.
I Love Money!
My cousin's Kieran Richardson, he plays for Manchester United, he bought me a mini.
And through him being my cousin I get to meet hot footballers and go to places that most people don't really go.
I would hate it if I was in the house put with someone stinky, just someone that I really have nothing in common with, it would bug my brain out!
Erm, I think I'd be bringing different trends to the house, different hairstyles.
I'm trendy, um I'm wild, argumentative and I speak so much.
I'm flirtatious and I'm hot!
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