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Default Should BB have an annual xmas special?

Nice little thing to do! Since c5 are always obsessed wth xmas and inapropriaty always do it in the summer, what I think is that BB should have an actual proper xmas special where as many housemates as possible from the 3 series of that year reunite have christmas dinner and stay the night! maybe like film it in November and air it in December and maybe on 5* to not make BB so tiresome and air it just for fans, I think a lot will be against this but I like the souns!

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I like this idea.

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I Luv Putin
he's so sexy, his body is perfect so much muscle he's got
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donald trump is sexy
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I have a savings account!
*somewhere in the Netherlands an autistic boy licks his lips*
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i FOOKING did nothing
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U wot m8
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Oh suck her arsehole!
ooh she does look quite hot yes
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i don't like being dragged
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"from the -wheeze- decor.... lots of -wheeze- hollywood.... -wheeze-... have like... -wheeze-"
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of course NOT, usually i love people from India a lot
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I've been waiting thirteen years for a hairy middle-aged Sikh Orlaith
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i don't give a damn whatever that vile darcey bussell says
i know more than her, Darcey has Always been biased for her own faves and she usually also wants a romance to go on with AJ's partners, very vile
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*lewis sets fire to a tesco metro, killing 13*
Vanessa: he’s really passionate about caring for the planet and understands that population overcrowding is a major issue so he’s just trying to do something good LOL funny how if it was sian that did it everyone would be like “yaas queen snatch their wigs”
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I am READY as Twenty One Pilots' newest fan!
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mr christopher Columbus, the guy who died of a coconut falling on his head or so the tale goes
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Omg that would be cute
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That would actually be really good.
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