Celebrity Big Brother 10, August 2012 Celebrity Big Brother 10 on Channel 5, shown August 2012 was won by Julian Clary. Discuss here.

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Default TiBB Poll - Who was your favourite housemate of Celebrity Big Brother 10 in 2012?

Vote for your favourite housemate of this series.

Housemate pictures -

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Life imitates art
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 6: Shaughna
DOI 2020: Caprice Bourret
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle
X Factor Celebrity: V5


The Situation


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swapped for scrabble
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Favourites (more):
BB19: Brooke
CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: Shane Lynch
CBB20: Sarah Harding


Merry Christmas and a happy Goodyear.


Shifra, Tzabar, Ranin. BBIL 2008.
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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 7: Estefania
BB19: Akeem
IAC2018: Rita Simons
CBB22: Kirstie Alley


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Can I get a witness?
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Favourites (more):
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle
Strictly 2019: Michelle Visage
Apprentice 2019: Jemelin
The Circle 2019: Georgina


I honestly don't know
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another vice
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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
BB19: Lewis G
DOI 2019: James Jordan
Survivor 38: Kelley

Prince Lorenzo.
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Favourites (more):
IAC2019: Caitlyn Jenner
X Factor Celebrity: Hayley Hasselhoff
Strictly 2019: Michelle Visage
The Circle 2019: Woody




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And I Oop
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 6: Leanne
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle
X Factor Celebrity: V5
Apprentice 2019: Jemelin


Nana Jules > Jasmine > Julian > The rest
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Favourites (more):
DOI 2020: Trisha Goddard
IAC2019: Caitlyn Jenner
X Factor Celebrity: Jenny Ryan
Strictly 2019: Chris Ramsey


King Julian

Iím A Celebrity - Caitlyn Jenner, Roman Kemp, Nadine Coyle, Kate Garraway, Cliff Parisi, Andy Whyment
Masked Singer UK - Monster, Daisy, Octopus, Tree, Hedgehog
X Factor - Jenny Ryan, Ricki Lake, Kevin McHale, Max and Harvey
Dancing On Ice - Lisa George, Lucrezia Millarini, Caprice, Libby Clegg, H.


List of international entertainment icons from stage and screen.
G Taylforth - P Kensit - N Dell'Olio - J Connery - J Sugg
S Hewson - K Adams - N Sawalha - C King - A Pritchard
K Woodburn - L Robson - L Roper - A Harriott - J Travers - R Lee
Morgan - Wizard - A Jade - Ant - Matthew
F Benjamin - Mad L Webb - A Hegerty - Mr Motivator
H Lederer - L Garrett - P StClement - D Benson Phillips
L Jackson - L Joseph - A Barrie - A Steadman - C Lauper
J McVey - C Ball - B Simpson - T Evans - S Beacham - A Dobson
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Who, me?
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Curtis
BBCanada 7: Eddie
BB19: Akeem
CBBUSA2: Ryan Lochte

Prince Lorenzo and Danica were my faves
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Favourites (more):
IAC2019: Ian Wright
X Factor Celebrity: V5
Strictly 2019: Dev Griffin
BB19: Kay


1) Julian
2) Julie
3) Cheryl
4) Danica
5) Martin

great series though, only really disliked Rhian and Harvey.

Season 11 Faves: Nina, A'Keria, Shuga & Mercedes
DRUK Faves: The Vivienne, Divina, Baga, Blu, Vinegar & Sum Ting Wong (but basically all of them???)
Bake-Off Faves: axe this series
Strictly Faves: Michelle, Anneka, Mike, Dev & Kelvin


Originally Posted by T* View Post
Christopher Maloney is the new judge of the voice 2019! my cat is the producer
Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Him to throw up every time he spins round?
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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Nicole
Love Island 5: Lavena
BBCanada 7: Kiera
Amazing Race 31: Elissa & Rachel




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Summertime '06
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Julian (for calling Coleen "overweight" alone)/Julie
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