Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 [CBB 22] Posts about the CBB22 series, won by Ryan Thomas, and housemates here.


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Default Who do you want to win and why? [Dan, Gabby, Kirstie, Nick, Ryan or Sally]

State which remaining housemate should win, and give your reason[s].
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Originally Posted by montblanc View Post
weird ass british language
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Favourites (more):
The Circle 2019: Woody
Strictly 2019: Karim Zeroual
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Tomasz


Kirstie as she is the most genuine and down to earth and also hilarious


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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Amber
IAC2018: Fleur East
BB18: Isabelle
CBB17: Gemma Collins

Kirstie as she’s the most essentric and intriguing and lovely individual left
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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne
BB16: Joel

Kirstie. She's been entertaining, made me genuinely laugh a few times with her one-liners, and she isn't "gang-handed" against Hardeep as Kim Woodburn would put it.
"PLEASE, how do i become a gay icon???" (:

Favourite housemates
if a series is excluded, then I haven't watched it or don't currently have a favourite.

Favourite housemates (BBUK)
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne
BB16: Joel
BB15: Ashleigh
BB8: Charley
BB7: Aisylene
BB6: Makosi

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Strictly Jake
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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2018: Ashley Roberts
Strictly 2017: Alexandra Burke
Strictly 2016: Danny Mac
Strictly 2015: Kellie Bright


Kirstie: anyone else would be incorrect
Strictly Tibb Dancing series 3 is on now!

Jakes strictly class of 2019:
Alex Scott <3 Kelvin Fletcher <3 Michelle Visage <3

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Favourites (more):
CBB14: Audley
CBB 11: Speidi
CBB 10: Julian Clary
BB13: Deana


She's warm, wise, natural

Always funny and laughs at herself (very important)

Throws herself into every task

Talks to everyone with respect

When troublemakers come for her - she deflects them like a pro

AND she's an ACTUAL celebrity !

You could not ask for more
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Kirstie all the way!!
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Who, me?
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Curtis
BBCanada 7: Eddie
BB19: Akeem
CBBUSA2: Ryan Lochte

Gabby because I liked her on love island and have only seen about 8 episodes of this season
Love Island Faves: Ovie, Tommy, Curtis, Maura, Chris and Lucie
Love Island Least Faves: Anna, Jourdan, Yewande
BBUSA Faves:Nicole, Nick, Kat, Jackson and Cliff
BBUSA Least faves: Jack, Bella, Analyse and Jessica
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Embraced the whole experience



Voice of reason
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Gusto Brunt
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I'm easy who will win, but it's likely to be Ryan by a landslide.
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 4: Niall
BBUSA20: Haleigh
CBB21: Shane Jenek
CBBUSA: Metta World Peace

i want stormy to win x
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Favourites (more):
The Circle 2019: Woody
Strictly 2019: Chris Ramsey
BBUSA21: Nick
IAC2018: James McVey


Kirstie or Nick personally, the others wouldn’t be great winners

Strictly - Chris & Karen, Emma and Anton, Mike & Katya, Catherine & Johannes
The Circle - Woody, Tim, Joyce, Judy, Jan
X Factor - Jenny Ryan, Ricki Lake, Kevin McHale


List of international entertainment icons from stage and screen.
G Taylforth - P Kensit - N Dell'Olio - J Connery - J Sugg
S Hewson - K Adams - N Sawalha - C King - A Pritchard
K Woodburn - L Robson - L Roper - A Harriott - J Travers - R Lee
Morgan - Wizard - A Jade - Ant - Matthew
F Benjamin - Mad L Webb - A Hegerty - Mr Motivator
H Lederer - L Garrett - P StClement - D Benson Phillips
L Jackson - L Joseph - A Barrie - A Steadman - C Lauper
J McVey - C Ball - B Simpson - T Evans - S Beacham - A Dobson
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The Circle 2019: Georgina
BBUSA21: Analyse
The Circle 2018: Aiden


Gabby because she's shown herself to be quite fiesty towards people like Dan, Nat & Hardeep and has actually played a way bigger part in the series than what y'all want to believe. She gets a bad rep on here but she's actually been a decent housemate


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Favourites (more):
CBB20: Marissa Jade
BB18: Kayleigh
CBB18: Marnie Simpson
BB17: Evelyn

Kirsty because she is the only one left in there I really like. Gabby is a stupid little bitch prancing around the place in skimpy clothes not even forging decent relationships with ANY WOMAN. Sally hasnt done enough. Nick just mopes around the place (one of the worst signings ever) Ryan is ok but shouldnt win it just because of the awful Roxy scenario (Jade handed Shilpa t he win on a platter) Dan is a complete toad never liked him. He has cheated on that poor girl so many times and she could do so so much better.
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dan, gabby, kirstie, nick, ryan, sally, win

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