Big Brother 19 [Autumn 2018] Posts about BB19 UK. Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Cameron - here.


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Default All Ex housemates of Channel 5 in Crowd for Finale

I would love for every EX housemate in BB on channel 5 to be in the crowd on finale night, Would be a great send off to last ever big brother "On channel 5"
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Deana is busy x
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yes that sounds like a great plan
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I don't think all of them would want to be there, hope C5 can get as most as they can, with C4 housemates in the mix maybe...

I highly doubt most BB12 housemates won't return except for Alex maybe, and the whole BB18 gang will show up.

Plus C5 has a ban on Helen so...
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Charlie Doherty is far too high profile for this
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I would bet any money Brian Dowling will be there
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there is deffo something going on !! ashleigh, luke, mark byron and chanelle all tweeted each other with similar emojis about something on friday saying 'can't wait, see you there' etc and raph replied saying 'wish i could make it'
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Heaven returning to celebrate her 40th birthday?


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Misleading title isn't it?
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