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Exclamation Booty Luv's singles ranked by Shaun!!!!

A thankless task but one that ought to be done. We owe a great debt to Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts, and that's even without taking into consideration everything they did with 'Big Brovaz' before this.


Youtube video
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A close battle, but one that sees 'Some Kinda Rush' emerge on top. Their fourth single BARELY scraped into the Top 20, but this was 2007 and everyone was getting their knickers in a twist over the likes of the Hoosiers, the Wombats, Kate Nash and Sandi Thom. We were blessed, really, that pop diamonds like this even made the Top 40 at all. Now they go largely ignored Anyway... key moment: "YEAH YEAH! SO GOOD!"

Ugh, what a rush indeed.


Youtube video
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Their debut! A start of an era! 'Boogie 2nite' will forever hold a place in my heart because it was the crux of many playlists when I would try to get into clubs underage. I had 50% success with that (thanks to a gay bar that is now sadly shut-down ) but even the times we would head home defeated would be soundtracked by opulent excellence.

Is the Tweet version good? Yes, obviously, but this took some fine blueprints and turned them into a work of art.


Youtube video
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I was incredibly torn between this and #4 for the final podium placing, but the sheer concept of this song being used as a 'best bits' moment in 2009 would've been perfect if BBUK wasn't GARBAGE in 2009 and we didn't sleep on this classic comeback.

The song evokes deep, painful memories of those dwindling nightclub moments where a 10/10 isn't interested in your 2/10 ass and the knowledge you'll soon be in a taxi home with a kebab and smudged eyeliner. A haunting song for all times.


Youtube video
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Another cover, this would've placed far higher in the ranking if I couldn't help but shake the feeling that the original is *slightly* better, girls!


Youtube video
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An extremely solid second single, 'Shine' happened to unfortunately be released in the same year as a far bigger song of the same name (Take That's). THANKFULLY, this Luther Vandross cover didn't go on to be over-used in every single ****ing Morrisons advert from then until the end of time, so who's the real winner here? Booty Luv, ladies. A club anthem!


Youtube video
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A 2013 comeback that didn't make an impact on any charts? Even with a desperate turn to EDM? Life is cruel. Rita Ora WISHES she could make this.


Youtube video
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By no means bad: it's just that I completely forgot this existed! In fact, listening now, this is clearly deserving of the #5 spot and I've cocked this right up!

We eagerly await a 2019 comeback. The world needs love, sweet booty luv.

Season 11 Faves: Nina, Brooke, A'Keria, Silky, Shuga & Mercedes

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Urgh. Legends
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IAC2018: James McVey
The Circle 2018: Harry



List of international entertainment icons from stage and screen.
G Taylforth - P Kensit - N Dell'Olio - J Connery - J Sugg
S Hewson - K Adams - N Sawalha - C King - A Pritchard
K Woodburn - L Robson - L Roper - A Harriott - J Travers - R Lee
Morgan - Wizard - A Jade - Ant - Matthew
F Benjamin - Mad L Webb - A Hegerty - Mr Motivator
H Lederer - L Garrett - P StClement - D Benson Phillips
L Jackson - L Joseph - A Barrie - A Steadman - C Lauper
J McVey - C Ball - B Simpson - T Evans - S Beacham - A Dobson
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11th Place 2019
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Justice for Black Widow!
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CBB19: Kim Woodburn
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the best duo since John and Yoko </3

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Love Island 5: Tommy
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Love them.
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