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King Kane
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Default Louis Tomlinsons sister dies age 18

She apparently had a heart attack.

So soon after his mom so sad


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A great thief
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Omg how awful RIP


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User Fooked
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Jesus, his mum died not long ago. Poor guy.

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the moment i kiss him is the moment i smell **** and that sets me OFF
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Tony Montana
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OMG that’s awful

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Mean McLean
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What the actual ****.

Poor family
Who Is She?
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Twink Legend
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Oh wow that’s awful

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Well, Smithy does so much it's hard to keep track. A POWERFUL man.

I'm just a weak fag in front of him.
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Never mind your abs, show us your big cock Smithy.
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Remembering Kerry
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Tragic news.
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Mystic Mock
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Terrible news.

My condolences to Louis and the rest of the family.
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Aw, that,s so sad and very young to have a heart attack,condolences to Louis.

No one in this world is pure and perfect , if you avoid people for their mistakes,you will be alone.
RIP Pyramid, Andyman ,Kerry and Lex xx

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Cherie Bomb 2019
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awful, I think he has a new song coming out dedicated to his Mum as well
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Do people get their Dulux colour chart out to classify housemates?
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How awful
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Omg, terrible news couldn’t imagine what he’s going through. RIP
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Horrifically sad for him and all the family. Just awful x
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Amy Jade
The Wizard and I
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So sad. I bet he and his family are devestated, especially so soon after their mum passed.
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itís a mad, mad world
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Thatís awful news, R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Sullen Girl View Post
Oh someone reeked on the wrong side of the lum this morning didnít they
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Scally LAD
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Life's far too short Such sad news

Originally Posted by annabelindabee View Post
I started declining people if they have a Foren names though as those people I think are contacting me about dating as they want a visa... Lots of people (who can't speak English well) contact me about wanting to be my bf... Then I find out that they actually live in indea or a place like that
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I have Lucille
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Awww that's sad
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AJ Hunk
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aw very sad, my condolences to you Louis for your loss
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chuff me dizzy
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So tragic
"Just a dash"
"It's a cocktail"

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18, age, dies, louis, sister, tomlinsons

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