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Default Thoughts on casting z-listers?

Decided to go back and re-watch the launch night of BB17 and after looking at their profiles 13 out of the 18 of them have had experience of some sort in the public eye, Lateysha on the valleys, alex on judge geordie and georgina in some e4 show.
What are all you guys thoughts on production casting z listers?
I personally hated it back then and still not a fan looking back, Im pretty sure some of them on launch night even knew each other.
As entertaining as BB17 was it just comes to show how desperate production were to cast people who they knew were going to cause drama and it just felt like everything about the show at that point become really fake.
The golden era had by far the best casting in my opinion
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Never bothered me tbh. As long as they're entertaining and bring the drama, I couldn't care less.
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BB17 was my fave C5 series so it doesn't bother me really

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Tragic and inconsistent with CBB castings


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