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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli
BBUSA20: Bayleigh
CBB21: Malika Haqq
Default Who should have been in the final each season? (BBUS)

Inspired from the BBUK thread of the same idea...

What could have been the finalists from each season?

BB2: Correct finalists. Deserving winner.
BB3: Correct finalists. Danielle should have won.
BB4: Jun, Alison, Jack
BB5: Nakomis, Diane, Drew
BB6: Janelle, Kaysar, Maggie
BB7: Janelle, Will, Kaysar
BB8: Jen, Danielle, Dick
BB9: Sharon, Adam, Ryan
BB10: Dan, Keesha, Renny
BB11: Correct finalists. Natalie should have won.
BB12: Enzo, Britney, Hayden
BB13: Daniele, Dominic, Rachel
BB14: Dan, Ian, Britney
BB15: Helen, Andy, Elissa
BB16: Correct finalists. Deserving winner.
BB17: Vanessa, Shelli, Steve
BB18: Paul, Nicole, Da'Vonne
BB19: Jessica, Cody, Paul
BB20: Brett, Tyler, Angela

CBB1: Ariadna, Ross, James, Omarosa, Marisaa
CBB2: Tamar, Ryan, Dina, Jonathan, Natalie

Based on personal preference, contributions to the season and the best game.
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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
Love Island 5: Maura
BBCanada 7: Kailyn
BB19: Lewis F


BB8: Jessica, Daniele
BB10: Renny, Jerry
BB12: Britney, Kathy, Rachel
BB13: Kalia, Lawon, Shelly
BB14: Danielle, Ian, Britney
BB15: Candice, Elissa, Howard
BB16: Donny, Victoria, Zach
BB19: Cody, Jessica, Ramses
BB20: Rockstar, Sam, Haleigh

CBB1: Marissa, Omarosa, James, Metta, Brandi
CBB2: Tamar, Tom, Dina, Kandi, Lolo

BB21: Christie, Cliff, Kathryn


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BBUSA21: Analyse


BB2: Hardy, Autumn, Will
BB6: Jennifer, Janelle, April
BB10: Jerry, Renny, Keesha
BB12: Rachel, Brendon, Enzo
BB15: Elissa, Howard, Helen
BB16: Donny, Zach, Victoria
BB17: Audrey, Day, Shelli
BB19: Jess, Cody, Raven
BB20: Winston, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh

CBBUS1: Metta, Brandi, Ari, Omarosa, idc
CBBUS2: Natalie, Lolo, Dina, Tamar, Ricky

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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
BBCanada 7: Dane
BB19: Lewis G
Survivor 38: Kelley

BB6: Janelle, Howie, Kaysar
BB7: Boogie, Will, Janelle
BB8: Jen, Daniele, Dick (didn't like him but for the lols of Dick & Daniele falling short to Jen Johnson otherwise Jessica could be F3 )
BB9: Matty, Adam, Sheila (a very lolzy season if this were the case --- I mean Adam & Sheila basically did both last the whole way anyway lol)
BB10: Dan, Memphis, Keesha (so practically what did happen)
BB11: Natalie, Kevin, Jesse (this side should've taken over that season, riggage tho </3)
BB12: Enzo, Hayden, Lane (same F3 just have Enzo win )
BB13: Daniele, Dominic, and give Lawon 2ne/3rd place lol
BB14: Dan, Danielle, Boogie/Janelle (have Dan repeat in a perfect world)
BB15: Howard, Jessie, Judd (beating racism Howard's way with a win on the season would've been nice)
BB16: Zach, Cody, Donny (or keep Derrick in the F3 but cut in 3rd)
BB17: Johnny Mac, Da'Vonne, Jace (or Johnny Mac & the Nolan Twins loool)
BB18: Paul, Da'Vonne, Victor (Day runner up 2 years in a row )
BB19: Josh, Paul, Kevin (if Paul gets credit for his first season, I prefer Josh to win this one)
BB20: Tyler, Brett, Kaitlyn (a whole season of Kaitlyn Also a Tyler/Kaitlyn F2 would've been niiiice )

CBB1: Metta, James, Shannon (what a world)
CBB2: Ryan, Joey, Natalie

Should-be winners are bolded but the other two could be second or third if I didn't specify, doesn't matter too much to me.


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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
BBCanada 7: Dane
BB19: Lewis G
Survivor 38: Kelley

BB9 is such an odd season. Even when thinking of my favorites, I've NEVER had a strong #1 favorite on that season and I also liked about 7-8+ people very equally (I could throw in Parker, Jen, Amanda, Ryan, Natalie, Alex into that F3 mix just as easily and be happy with it)


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