Love Island ITV2's reality show, Love Island, presented by Caroline Flack.

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Default Boring 😴

What a dull series so far so slow!! Need more drama 😴
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BB16: Sarah


This is the first series of Love Island ive actually enjoyed.

Really like-able cast and it's only the second week so...
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Love Island 5: Anna
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CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli


I've enjoyed it. Although I do agree there needs to be some big kick off.

Hopefully those two new girls can make that happen.

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Oh yeah, you could definitely see the memory of his cock in her eyes
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Love Island 5: Anton
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Love Island 3: Georgia
Love Island 2: Zara


It’s painfully boring so far, even last years was better at this point.
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BBCanada 7: Kiera
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Survivor 38: Wendy


Feel like pure **** just want BB back


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Love Island 5: Amber
DOI 2019: Saara Aalto
IAC2018: Fleur East
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It’s been okay but last series was better at this point
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CBB20: Marissa Jade
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CBB18: Marnie Simpson
BB17: Evelyn

I dont like Molly Mae or Lucie they are so so full of themselves. Delighted the new girls are so fit and to be honest they look more natural than most of the girls in there. Let the fireworks begin. But that said I preferred last years originals than this years
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Love Island 5: Curtis
DOI 2019: Melody Thornton
CBBUSA2: Anthony Scaramucci
IAC2018: Nick Knowles


yeah we need more fights, more swearing tbh
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