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Tony Montana Iron Man.
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Favourites (more):
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle
Apprentice 2019: Lottie
The Circle 2019: Georgina
Love Island 5: Maura


Originally Posted by Cherie View Post

I take back ML points bestowed on you

do you enjoy your job?
You would've been 4th on my list

Sometimes I like It, sometimes I hate It. I am looking for other jobs at the moment though.

Originally Posted by Cherie View Post
do you think any of the current couples will win LI
Amy and Curtis have a very good chance at winning.

Originally Posted by Epic. View Post
For someone who's a big fan of BBUK, will you ever properly rewatch a series for the rewatch thread?

What made you change your name from your scarface one to Tony Montana?

Are you into any sports?

What's your ideal breakfast?

What's your main aspirations in life?

What's your proudest moment in life?
1. I definitely will at some point.
2. Tony Montana sounds more cooler and I felt like having a name change for once.
3. Not anymore. I used to love playing football In secondary school and college.
4. Sausages and pancakes with berries and maple syrup, along with a nice hot tea.
5. Make an impact on this world somehow, big or small.
6. Nothing at the moment. Hopefully It will be passing my driving test in July.

Originally Posted by Liam- View Post
Oh yeah, you could definitely see the memory of his cock in her eyes
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Favourites (more):
DOI 2020: Trisha Goddard
IAC2019: Caitlyn Jenner
X Factor Celebrity: Jenny Ryan
Strictly 2019: Chris Ramsey


Sorry I missed this darling xx

Iím A Celebrity - Caitlyn Jenner, Roman Kemp, Nadine Coyle, Kate Garraway, Cliff Parisi, Andy Whyment
Masked Singer UK - Monster, Daisy, Octopus, Tree, Hedgehog
X Factor - Jenny Ryan, Ricki Lake, Kevin McHale, Max and Harvey
Dancing On Ice - Lisa George, Lucrezia Millarini, Caprice, Libby Clegg, H.


List of international entertainment icons from stage and screen.
G Taylforth - P Kensit - N Dell'Olio - J Connery - J Sugg
S Hewson - K Adams - N Sawalha - C King - A Pritchard
K Woodburn - L Robson - L Roper - A Harriott - J Travers - R Lee
Morgan - Wizard - A Jade - Ant - Matthew
F Benjamin - Mad L Webb - A Hegerty - Mr Motivator
H Lederer - L Garrett - P StClement - D Benson Phillips
L Jackson - L Joseph - A Barrie - A Steadman - C Lauper
J McVey - C Ball - B Simpson - T Evans - S Beacham - A Dobson
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