Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 [CBB 22] Posts about the CBB22 series, won by Ryan Thomas, and housemates here.


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TiBB’s Very Finest
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Favourites (more):
BB19: Sian
CBB22: Roxanne Pallett
CBB21: Shane Jenek
CBB20: Jemma Lucy
Default A year since CBB22

CBB22 launched a whole YEAR ago today What are your thoughts on this series now?
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Summertime '06
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Very good series. A shame that it took them that long to get their act together.
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Tomasz
CBB22: Natalie Nunn
CBB21: India Willoughby


That's mad.

It was a good series with a mostly poor cast.
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Mean McLean
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Sian
IAC2018: Rita Simons
CBB22: Roxanne Pallett


Foxy Roxy IS Big Brother
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Meow Meow
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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
BBCanada 7: Dane
BB19: Lewis G
Survivor 38: Kelley

There’s been better but I liked it


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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2019: Karim Zeroual
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Tomasz
IAC2018: James McVey


Stormy saved it


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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2019: Catherine Tyldesley
DOI 2019: Brian McFadden
IAC2018: John Barrowman
Strictly 2018: Lauren Steadman

Ryan was my favourite even before the Roxy thing
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Tony Montana Iron Man.
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Lewis F
IAC2018: Noel Edmonds
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli


Wow! A whole year? Time flies.

Deffo the best summer series and easily a top 6 series.

Originally Posted by Liam- View Post
Oh yeah, you could definitely see the memory of his cock in her eyes
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tahts on periodt luv
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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2019: Emma Weymouth
BBUSA21: Nicole
Love Island 5: Anna
BBCanada 7: Laura

Amazing series
The Challenge 34: Big T, Jenny, Faith, Esther, Georgia, Ashley, Sean, Zahida, Turbo
Drag Race UK: Kat, Vivienne, Sum Ting, Dacampo, Blu
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CBB17: Gemma Collins
BB6: Craig
CBB4: Pete Burns

Kirstie, Hardeep, Roxanne and Natalie were the only stars among boring trash... but it was a good season and I did appreciate Dan, Gabby and Rodrigo too~
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laura carter stan
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Favourites (more):
BB19: Sian
CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: Shane Jenek
Apprentice 2017: Elizabeth


Originally Posted by WickedSkengMan View Post
Stormy saved it
By not entering
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Who, me?
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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Curtis
BBCanada 7: Eddie
BB19: Akeem
CBBUSA2: Ryan Lochte

Was pretty good, a great winner and the boot order was pretty good, a boring tedious housemate went out first, as did a few of the other bores
Love Island Faves: Ovie, Tommy, Curtis, Maura, Chris and Lucie
Love Island Least Faves: Anna, Jourdan, Yewande
BBUSA Faves:Nicole, Nick, Kat, Jackson and Cliff
BBUSA Least faves: Jack, Bella, Analyse and Jessica

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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
Love Island 5: Maura
BBCanada 7: Kailyn
BB19: Lewis F


Surely not

A really good series though I liked Hardeep, Natalie, Kirstie and Nick

BB21: Christie, Jessica, Kathryn


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Favourites (more):
Love Island 5: Amber
IAC2018: Fleur East
BB18: Isabelle
CBB17: Gemma Collins

a really good series both when i watched it and in retrospect. some really good housemates but also some equally forgettable ones
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