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Default The Winner of BGT is...


I'm so happy!
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i was Shocked

But Congrats to him
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I LOVED Connie, but I went against my initial choice and, believe it or not, voted for Paul. I just thought he really needed a confidence boost, and singing for the Queen would mean more to him than it would for Connie IMO. I loved his story, and Paul has a different job, has probably been dreaming for years, whereas little Connie still has an extremely bright future in terms of singing.

And as the judges said, Paul seems to be completely what BGT is about really, not to mention in terms of variety as well. I personally am not an opera fan, but he is just amazing and I wish him all the very best. I too expected Connie to win, so I voted for him and was extremely pleased he did it - he deserves it and well done to him.
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paul deserved to win, well done mate
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He deserved it. He was just amazing tonight. Connie as brilliant but Paul was just 'Wow!'. Pauldefinitly has a futureahead of him and ill look forward to seeing him preform on the night and to his album. I see a big future for Connie and Bessie. Them two girl have more talent in there little finger then most 60 year old's.
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bgt, winner

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