Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017 [CBB 20] CBB 20 was shown August 2017, and was won by Sarah Harding. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Mean McLean
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CBB20: Brandi Glanville
BB18: Chanelle
Love Island 3: Olivia

Default Gary Levy for CBB

Would you be here for it?

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Thank you Littlegreen
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BB18: Isabelle
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BBUSA19: Cody


I'd rather have a CupcaKke campaign but yeah.
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Sandra Diaz Twine
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BB18: Raph
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he is too good for that scum

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R.I.P BIG BROTHER 2000-2010

There were 6 members of jury, but Junko Matsuo refused to vote for either Daisuke or Eri because she did not believe that either castaway was worthy of being the Sole Survivor.
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Aggressive Behaviour
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CBB20: Sarah Harding
Apprentice 2017: Elizabeth
BB18: Sukhvinder


It's pairs tho, so Suzette must join him!


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Originally Posted by Cal. View Post

Would you be here for it?

Originally Posted by Hayden View Post
It's pairs tho, so Suzette must join him!


"Why are you doing this to us?"
"Because you were home."
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CBB20: Sarah Harding
BB18: Isabelle
Love Island 3: Chris


CBB: Gary Glitter vs Gary Glitter?
Originally Posted by arista View Post

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Wake up
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I'd definitely be here for it. I actually think CBB are missing a trick, there's so many people like Gary from international series that would make fantastic HM's in our version and I'm sure there'd be a lot that'd do it, it's not like they become huge celebs or rich by doing bbcan/bbus (right?). and let's be honest bbuk have exhausted the UK's 'celebrity' circuit, so they should do some kind of international series where they get housemates form across bbcan/bbus etc, could be brilliant.

(They could even run it as a test series and implement the bbcan rues to see how it goes down with the UK audience and testing it with hm's used to the formula would be less of a risk than using UK hm's who aren't.)
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i, for one, would absolutely live

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BBUK really need to do a series with half UK housemates (newbies) and half international housemates. Gary, Suzette, Ika and Cassandra would be great on BBUK.

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CBB20: Amelia Lily
BB18: Tom
Love Island 3: Theo

I'd love to see an All Stars that's half UK, half International where International housemates would hopefully go beyond english speaking bb (with a bit of research) or at least have Africa along with US, Can and Australia, how about Veronica Graf! And yeah would ofc reunite Tim & Nikki, and defo have Pete Bennett, I think Tim would really like him.
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