Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 [CBB 19] CBB 19 [All Stars and New Stars] was won by Coleen Nolan. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 5: Neda
CBB19: James Cosmo
IAC2016: Carol Vorderman

Default CBB questions thread

(Copying on Raph and Luke)

Least Favorite Season:
Favorite Season:
Most underrated Season:
Most overrated season:
Most underrated CBB housemate:
Most overrated CBB housemate:
Best female CBB housemate:
Best male CBB housemate:
Best winner:
Best eviction:
Worst eviction:
Favorite showmance:
Most endearing CBB housemate:
Funniest CBB housemate:
Most relatable CBB housemate:
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Favourites (more):
BB18: Raph
BBCanada 5: Ika
Survivor 34: Cirie


Least Favorite Season: CBB18
Favorite Season: CBB4
Most underrated Season: CBB17
Most overrated season: CBB15
Most underrated CBB housemate: Nicola McLean
Most overrated CBB housemate: Perez Hilton
Best female CBB housemate: Luisa Johnson
Best male CBB housemate: Spencer Pratt
Best winner: Shilpa Shetty
Best eviction: Perez Hilton
Worst eviction: Courtney [CBB12]
Favorite showmance: Chantelle and Preston
Most endearing CBB housemate: Chantelle
Funniest CBB housemate: Tiffany Pollard
Most relatable CBB housemate:

2017 favs
Big Brother 18 UK:Raph | Chanelle | Deborah | Hannah | Rebecca | Isabelle
Love Island 2017:Camila | Montana | Dom | Chloe | Chris | Harley
Big Brother Canada 5: Ika | Neda | Kevin | Sindy | Demetres | Gary
Survivor 34:Cirie | Michaela | Sandra | Sarah | Tony | Aubry
Celebrity Big Brother 19:Nicola | Speidi | Jessica | Jedward | Kim | James J
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Take your 500 full stops and shove them up your arse. Silly mare.

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Favourites (more):
I'm a Celeb 2012: Ashley Roberts
BB13: Lydia
BB12: Harry

Least Favorite Season: CBB15UK

Favorite Season: CBB7UK

Most underrated Season: Not sure. CBB10UK?

Most overrated season: CBB13UK. Way too much time dedicated to Lee and Casey/Jasmine.

Most underrated CBB housemate: Nicola T?

Most overrated CBB housemate: Shilpa Shetty was an asshole spoiling for a fight, and gets a free pass because she ran into some much bigger assholes.

Best female CBB housemate: Stephanie Beacham.

Best male CBB housemate: Vinnie Jones. The show could use more proper men.

Best winner: Gary Busey, I guess. It's had some god-awful winners, looking back.

Best eviction: Jade Goody and co. was pretty satisfying. Natalie and Kirk. Sally Bercow.

Worst eviction: I felt bad for Andrew Stone. While I didn't care for Coolio, his removal by "mutual agreement" because the producers wanted to prop up a mentally disturbed transgendered person over a very mild prank.

Favorite showmance: None.

Most endearing CBB housemate: Chantelle back in season 4. She had that great laugh where she'd just throw her head back and cackle wildly. Such a gleeful, uninhibited, happy sound.

Funniest CBB housemate:
Cleo Rocos. Liz Jones.

Most relatable CBB housemate:

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