Big Brother 17 [Summer 2016] Discuss the series (won by Jason Burrill, runner-up Hughie) and all the housemates in this forum.

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Mean McLean
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BB19: Lewis F
CBB22: Roxanne Pallett
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Default Do you think your opinion would change of BB17 had it been 13 weeks...

and the entry/exit table looked like this?

Jason - Day 1 - Day 96 - Winner
Hughie - Day 1 - Day 96 - Runner-Up
Andy - Day 1 - Day 96 - Evicted
Jackson - Day 1 - Day 96 - Evicted
Evelyn - Day 1 - Day 88 - Evicted
Jayne - Day 1 - Day 81 - Evicted
Alex - Day 1 - Day 74 - Evicted
Sam - Day 1 - Day 67 - Evicted
Laura - Day 1 - Day 60 - Evicted
Ryan - Day 1 - Day 53 - Evicted
Lateysha - Day 1 - Day 46 - Evicted
Chelsea - Day 1 - Day 39 - Evicted
Charlie - Day 1 - Day 32 - Evicted
Emma - Day 1 - Day 31 - Ejected
Georgina - Day 1 - Day 25 - Evicted
Natalie - Day 1 - Day 18 - Evicted
Marco - Day 1 - Day 11 - Evicted
Andrew - Day 1 - Day 7 - Ejected
Victoria - Day 1 - Day 5 - Evicted
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BB19: Kay
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli
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15 days of that final 5 does not bear thinking about
BB19 Faves: Kay, Tomasz, Zoe, Kelaney, Cameron & Brooke
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CBB21 Faves: Amanda, Wayne, Courtney!, Maggie, Rachel & John
Drag Race S10 Faves: Monét, Mayhem, Eureka, Asia, Dusty, Vanessa & Monique


Originally Posted by T* View Post
Christopher Maloney is the new judge of the voice 2019! my cat is the producer
Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Him to throw up every time he spins round?
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BB19: Lewis F
CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: India Willoughby

It would have been terrible

BB17 kinda turned to trash once Laura got evicted (welp I didn't realize she got evicted 4 days before the final, it felt like she was gone for much longer) so 36 days without her and Evelyn/Jayne not even making the final sounds terrifying.

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CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli
Love Island 4: Rosie
CBB21: Jess Impiazzi

11 Weeks would have been Better. 13 Weeks usually Drag.
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BB18: Isabelle
BB17: Hughie
BB13: Deana

96 days of Hughie would've meant the courtroom bull**** would've been forgotten about and he probably would've beat Jason! Anyway a 90+ day series would've been a great idea for an already solid series and I feel it had enough of a diverse cast to be worth a lot longer than being the shortest civilian series in the show. As an added bonus it also would've stopped the worst month of TV ever happening with CBB18
Originally Posted by Greg! View Post
Can everyone stop bumming Roberto please
Originally Posted by Jason. View Post
Silly yank.

Originally Posted by Nicky91 View Post
I Love Georgina

maybe because she's rich


Originally Posted by Binbin View Post
at about 17 minutes of ep. 11 the camera operator chose to zoom in on Hardeep's exposed 'builders' arse'. I am saddened by this experience. BUT. on t'other hand, how dare the Ch 5 comptroller (emphasis on troller) even consider taking a year off of this magnificent spectacle of rare exotica. Hm.
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CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: Shane Jenek
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That would have been awful

Around 70 days with no annihilation week would have been better than what we got though

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