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Daily Update - Day 4 Highlights - Saturday 16th May Show

16 May, 2015 - 2:05 PM by James
What time is it on? - Tonight, Saturday 16th May at 9:20pm on Channel 5.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

· Kieran and Sarah discuss traditions and Sarah thinks that a man should propose to a woman, and if a woman proposes to a man it could appear that she is chasing him. Sarah: “History tells us that men like chasing things”

· Cristian talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “I wouldn’t say there is one person that I would open up to. It’s very hard not to make himself vulnerable…and I don’t like letting my guard down”

· Harriet is telling Sarah about her nicknames as a “working class bird”. Sarah is not a big fan of “common people”. Harriet asks what Sarah means by “common people” and Sarah explains “lairy…watching TV…up to date on Jeremy Kyle”. Harriet says she knows those people. Harriet: I think I’ve signed on once in my life…I signed on once and never went back”. Sarah: “The system has been rinsed to death…It’s not for immigrants to come in and claim **** when not they’re even attempting to get a job…I hate racism…I can understand why people may have a different view on gay people or certain sexual orientations…for religious reasons”. Harriet: “It’s not affecting me, do what you have got to do”.

· Aaron to Adjoa talk about their bums in the bathroom. Aaron: “Your arse is amazing…I wish I had a better arse…I want it just to be like lifted”. Adjoa: “I knew my arse was nice but I wanted it to be lifted…I thought f*&k that, I need to do squats cause if it doesn’t look good on the side what’s the point”.

· Eileen asks if there is a romance in the House. Jade: “I love sexual-ness…If we are going off physical beauty, Cristian does it for me…but there is no mental chemistry there…I might fall in love with a girl…I’m a little bit frisky, I’m unpredictable, you never know with me.”

· Jade teaches the Housemates how to meditate in the garden and Joel and Aaron argue over Joel not taking it seriously. Aaron: “You’re really pissing me off today. You’re really grating me like a piece of cheese…I’m going to say it now Joel, you’re being really inconsiderate…You’re just being a tw@t. Sorry I have to say what I see, I’m literally fuming. I’m so angry I can’t control it.”

· Danny and Joel talk about the General Election. Danny says he didn’t vote. Joel says he voted Conservative. Danny: “Is that who won it?”

· Aaron comes to the Diary Room. Aaron on Joel: “He keeps on nipping at me…He’s really inconsiderate…I don’t see him do anything but ask stupid ridiculous questions…You said you were going to be Prime Minister…grow some balls and grow up. I’m fine [breathes]”

· Joel comes to the Bedroom to talk to Aaron. Joel: “Can I talk to you one to one? I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I offended you”. Aaron: “You can be really immature. Its fine…thanks for your apology and I accept it…Thank you; goodbye”.

· Big Brother announced the results of the viewers’ poll and Jack, Danny and Harriet were asked to go to the Garden and stand behind their Timebomb podiums. Harriet: “You joking me”.

· It was revealed that Housemate with the most votes and the current Big Brother Champion was Jack. Aaron: “It melts my heart”.

· Big Brother offered Jack a brand new BMW worth £27,000. However, this prize came with a cost. The option was to leave the Big Brother House and drive away in the BMW but no longer be a Housemate, or decline the prize and stay in Big Brother. By accepting the prize he’d reduce the winner’s prize fund from £150,000 down to zero. Jack chose to turn down his prize and return to the House, leaving the prize fund untouched

· Big Brother also dropped another Timebomb with Nick’s first set of face to face nominations, as during the Live Launch on Tuesday his Timebomb was to nominate face to face throughout his time in the House. Nick nominated Adjoa as he has connected with her the least and Sarah because of the task where it was revealed she was attracted to money.

· Cristian goes to speak to Jack after the Timebomb was dropped. Cristain: “That was a big move…well done…get your mind off it”. Jack: “I need f&*king a few minutes from the cameras”

· Kieran, Adjoa and Nick discuss Nick’s live face to face nominations. Kieran: “Don’t take anything personal”. Adjoa: “I don’t know what to think about it”

· Adjoa goes to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother and cries. Adjoa: “I fell so stressed out and it’s so frustrating to me…All eyes are on me…I feel paranoid… I felt singled out...He nominated me first…I just didn’t like the feeling, I hated it. I don’t want to be upset but I just felt so singled out…I didn’t know how to react to it…it’s just not a nice feeling”

· Adjoa and Nick clear the air in the kitchen area. Adjoa: “I would never take it personally…No hard feelings at all…A game, that’s what we’re here for, to play it”

· Danny talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about the Timebomb Twist. Danny: “Without a question of doubt I wouldn’t have taken that car… The game feels more real…It’s got me thinking…I’m overwhelmed but its got to be wary and I’ve got my guard up about it…I hope people don’t start nominating tactically.

· Big Brother asks Danny about what he’s doing for the rest of the evening. Danny: “I am missing a woman’s company…a woman’s touch…I’m struggling to sleep massively at the moment…maybe a spoon may help out with that”

· Nick talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room. Nick: “I’m upset that I have nominated two really nice people…but tonight is about Jack winning, and I’ve gone on about me and I’ve continued to go on about me in a really selfish way…My decision was simple and Jack had a life changing thing on the line and that’s a lot different”

· Joel asks what Aaron thinks of people’s perceptions of being gay with Aaron and Sarah. Joel: “What would you say to people saying that being gay isn’t natural?...I think a person is born gay” Aaron: “I respect their opinion…I genuinely feel I was born gay.”

· Danny and Nick talk about Sarah in the bathroom while most of the Housemates are in bed. Danny: “A little bit is play acting but a little bit is true…The chemistry is there…Time will tell…I’d love nothing more than to get in bed and have a spoon” Danny enters the bedroom and Danny and Sarah have a pillow fight just before the go to bed. Sarah teases Danny and Joel says: “There is no way an orgy is taking place in this bedroom”

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What time is it on? - Tonight, Saturday 16th May at 9:20pm on Channel 5.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

· Kieran and Sarah discuss traditions and Sarah thinks that a man should propose to a woman, and if a woman proposes to a man it could appear that.....
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Published on: 16 May, 2015 - 2:05 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: erinp5
Sarah is not a fan of common people ...she is one .
Published on: 16 May, 2015 - 2:37 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: Lostie!
Originally Posted by erinp5 View Post
Sarah is not a fan of common people ...she is one .
I see she pulled out the "watching Jeremy Kyle" stereotype. If people are gonna be snobs, at least try to be original about it and not recite the same tired old cliches as everyone else.
Published on: 16 May, 2015 - 2:50 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: mrmattybeck1
Love Sarah :queen:
Published on: 16 May, 2015 - 2:52 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: James
Pictures (HD) from tonight's show -
Published on: 16 May, 2015 - 7:35 PM Comment with Quote

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