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Daily Update - Day 7 Highlights - Tuesday 19th May 2015 Show

19 May, 2015 - 3:18 PM by Josy

Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 7

Shown: Tonight, Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show are here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· Crawling out of bed, Aaron says, “I will not tolerate more alcohol in my system….I’m having a night off booze…it’s like an Ibiza bender gone wrong.” Eileen responds, “I feel great.”

· Kieran has advice for Aaron, “we need to have a pep talk…that was your night last night. If you’re going to down alcohol like that then what do you expect? You’ll turn into a *****ing mess. Be controlled if you know what I mean.”

· Aaron has a quiet time in garden and comments, “I’ve never felt so battered in my life.”

· Kieran is helping the girls exercise in the garden, while the other housemates are talking about their sweet food cravings. They discuss the idea of baking a cake but the twins don’t want to as they would like to save the eggs for a meal.

· Jack discusses his thoughts on Sarah. “She’s just honest. The house would have fallen apart if she hadn’t been here. She *****ing keeps us together…she’s cooked, cleaned, tidied. I think Sarah will be here for a long time.”

· Sally and Amy talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room about the atmosphere in the house. They comment that the there was an awkward atmosphere in the house after nominations, adding, “Jade was a bit upset that we nominated her.”

· Commenting on ‘egg-gate,’ they say, “we’re not baking a cake with our eggs…we can do what we want with our eggs. Shove them up our ar*e if we want!”

· Nick and Sarah are having a heart to heart in the garden. Nick tells her “I think you’re marmite.” Sarah is worried that Adjoa will stay as “she’s just a nice girl…she’s gay and she’s got a community around her…Eileen will get the sympathy vote.”

· Some of the housemates talk about sexual relationships and Joel admits that he is a virgin.

· Cristian and Danny are having a pretend fencing match in the kitchen with spoons.

· Eileen talks to the twins and Adjoa about how childish they are playing with pretend swords, “there’s nothing worse than showing off…people went to war at 16 to fight battles. What was it all for?”

· The housemates take part in a task. The public has been voting in online polls to reveal their impressions of the housemates and the housemates must guess who has been voted in each category.

· In the ‘most honest category,’ the housemates must decide who received the most votes – Joel, Harriet or Chloe. Eileen says, “I think Joel….I like what he says, from the heart.” Adjoa thinks Chloe will get the most votes, “she doesn’t think about what she says. Her reactions are genuine. She’s just a sweetheart.” Harriet receives the most votes. Big Brother reveals that Jack came second and Amy and Sally were at the bottom with 1% of the votes.

· The most superficial vote goes to Jade, with Sarah in second place and Cristian third. Jade is shocked, “they don’t really know me. I’m the least superficial person.”

· Adjoa is voted the most selfish housemate with Aaron in second place and Sarah third.

· The ‘most stupid’ housemate vote goes to Aaron.

· The most untrustworthy is Adjoa who reacts with “why? I don’t get it. I don’t understand. *****ing hell. No-one knows me.” Sarah discovers that she has been voted in second place. The housemate voted most fake is Aaron, which confuses him – “in the house I’ve generally been myself.” Adjoa is voted second and Sarah third.

· The housemate seen as most attractive by the viewers is Sarah, with Harriet in second place. Danny expected Sarah to win, saying, “when I saw Sarah walk down the stairs, I was attracted to her straight away.” Sarah thanks the public, while Aaron looks visibly disappointed.

· Big Brother reveals that the housemates with the most awards during the game are Jade and Sarah, who are rewarded with a luxury meal which they can share with one other housemate. They choose Aaron.

· All the housemates discuss their thoughts on the votes. Having been voted most untrustworthy and selfish, Adjoa says, “I’m so confused…I’m the worst person in this *****ing house…I trust myself…I’m over this place…I don’t think I’m supposed to be here…all these are signs.”

· The other housemates are jealous of the luxury meal Sarah, Jade and Aaron are enjoying in the Sky Room.

· Sarah tells some of the housemates about her feelings towards Danny, “he’s just not my type. I’ve never been in a situation with a guy like that. It doesn’t feel natural.”

· Nick goes into the Diary Room to tell Big Brother how jealous he is that the winning housemates have champagne and food.

· Aaron, Sarah and Jade are discussing the publics’ perception of the housemates. Harriet comments that “Eileen has it in for me. We’re similar souls, spirit-wise.” They all agree that the twins have been the hardest to get to know so far.

· Joel tests Aaron’s IQ with a series of general knowledge questions, which he fares well in.

· Joel asks Aaron about his hopes for the future. “I wanna meet someone who genuinely likes me,” Aaron says, adding “I’ve been single for a year and a half and can’t find anyone.” The twins admit their boyfriends are worried who they will meet in the house but they are aware that their boyfriends also potentially have a whole summer to be unfaithful too.

· Jade tells Big Brother “I’m the least superficial person. The public is judging me for my looks…I’ve been around fakeness all my life…I don’t understand why the twins are irritating me so much. I can’t grasp it.”

· Sarah isn’t impressed that she was voted the most selfish person. Harriet comments, “I don’t find you selfish. You *****ing feed every *****er.” Sarah’s happy she was voted the prettiest housemate, however and Harriet agrees that “people think you’re beautiful.”

· Kieran and Danny are in the kitchen talking about Sarah. Danny says, “you need to stop saying I fancy her.” Sarah interrupts and there is an awkward moment between the three. She leaves to go to bed and the boys resume their conversation with Danny commenting that Sarah “thinks I love her” because of what Kieran keeps saying to her.

· Joel and Nick discuss the nominated housemates. Nick says he thought Sarah would go but now he expects it’ll be Adjoa, adding “I love Eileen…I don’t think Adjoa likes me. I’m stuck between Adjoa and Sarah.”

· Cristian pumps iron in the living room while a hungry Chloe and Harriet fantasise about food, “ooh I could have a gherkin…yeh and donner kebab, chicken and cheese.”

· Kieran suggests to Big Brother that “I can see little cracks are coming…”

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 7

Shown: Tonight, Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show are here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· Crawling out of bed, Aaron says, “I will not tolerate more alcohol in my system….I’m having a night.....
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