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Daily Update - Day 8 Highlights - Wednesday 20th May 2015 Show

20 May, 2015 - 4:59 PM by James
Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 8

Shown: Tonight, Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show are here -

Spoilers - Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

* All housemates are discussing how hungry they are in the bedroom. Harriet says, “We’ll have to start eating each other.” Jack adds, “I’m not gonna lie… I might turn to cannibalism.” Later, Sarah and Kieran discuss how difficult Jack may find being without food

* Jack and Nick realise that there’s no hot water. Nick goes to the Diary Room to bring this to Big Brother’s attention and is informed that this is part of the new shopping task. If they fail the task, they will have no hot water, no use of appliances and only basic food rations for the week. “I’ll just have to grin and bear it,” Nick says, adding, “what you’re trying to do is throw a spanner in the works and it’s working because I couldn’t think of anything worse than a cold shower right now.”

* Nick, Harriet and Sarah speculate about today’s task. Nick tells them, “I just give up so easily.” Harriet responds, “you won’t if you’re starving, mate. You’ve gotta fight for your life. You’ve got to think this is the Hunger Games.”

* The housemates discuss how to manage the rations, specifically eggs, bread and butter. Kieran says, “Everyone just have a bit of consideration when it comes to the butter please.”

* Today’s tasks will consist of a series of challenges completed in the dark. For the first task, Amy, Danny and Eileen have entered a room with three baths, each with a shower above. While the room is pitch black, each of the three housemates will have to sit in a bath and try to identify the objects that are showered over them. Eileen states, “I won’t panic. I’m really strong. We don’t wanna let anyone down.”

* Eileen is first. She screams continuously as the object falls. “It’s not alive. She’s giggles as she realises that it is a shower of teddy bears. “I thought it might be crabs or something.”

o Amy is second. “I think it might be worms!” “They’re all the same size. Bigger than grains of rice. They’re like little maggots… I think it might be maggots! I don’t know! I can’t tell if they’re moving.” When Big Brother reveals she had a maggot shower, she screams and shouts, “They’re all in my knickers, you b*stards!”

* Danny is then showered with rubber gloves. “What is that?! Is it squid or something.” Eileen says, “You scream like a girl!”

* Amy is showered again. “It’s like sick! It’s big round balls of something.” Big Brother reveals that it’s lychees. “Lychees?! How the **** would I guess that?! I’ve never even seen a lychee.”

* Eileen is showered with spaghetti. “It’s like worms! They’ve just showered me with worms.”

* Amy is showered with buttons

* Danny is showered with seaweed. “It feels like dog**** landing on my lap.”

* Eileen screams loudly and then whimpers as she’s showered with feathers. Danny says, “You’ve got a luxury holiday over there.”

* Danny is showered with squid. “What the ***** is that?! I can’t touch that! It’s like an octopus. It’s right on my balls!”

* Some of the housemates are having an arm wrestling competition in the bedroom. Cristian and Kieran are first. Kieran wins and Cristian blames Kieran for making noises that put him off. Harriet says, “You can’t blame it down to noise.” Cristian says, “You’re more competitive than me!” Harriet responds, “I’m more competitive? Really? You don’t know me, mate! You’re a sore loser. You can’t take things on the chin.” Cristian retaliates with, “Competitiveness isn’t a bad thing,” while Harriet adds, “Look how you’re trying to wind me up… I know exactly what you’re doing. I’m not stupid. I’m not falling in no trap”

* Harriet, Sarah and Adjoa are discussing Cristian and the arm wrestling in the garden. Harriet says, “You’re trying to get me irate. It pissed me off.”

* For the second task, Cristian and Harriet must cross two beams on opposite sides of the room while avoiding obstacles. The have to work together to carry three glow in the dark balls from one side of the room to the other within five minutes. It will be completed in the dark. They successfully transfer all the balls but Big Brother will not tell them if they have passed or failed until later.

* Big Brother calls Chloe to the Diary Room. For the final task a group of housemates will be sent into ‘The Hole’ and told to stay there until sunrise. The housemates think that to pass the task they must all stay there. Chloe is given a secret task and named ‘The Dark Lord’. Her task is to manipulate the housemates to leave ‘The Hole’. She must convince four of the group (including herself) to leave for the housemates to pass the task. Chloe picks Aaron, Adjoa, Jack, Joel, Jade and Nick to participate in the task. Chloe is entirely responsible for the housemates passing the shopping task.

* The chosen housemates enter ‘The Hole’, looks like a creepy hospital ward and has been decorated with bloody handprints and broken dolls. Jade says, “I’m not staying in a bed on my own.” She pulls Nick into her bed. Nick reacts with, “I’m in bed with a supermodel! Who’s the joke on now, Big Brother. This is a great task, Big Brother!”

* Big Brother uses a number of theatrical tricks over several hours to scare the housemates. Aaron comments, “This is the most tortuous thing that anyone’s ever done to me.” Adjoa and Aaron are panicking the most. Big Brother pours fake vomit on top of Jack, which he is not impressed with.

* While Big Brother is playing tricks. Chloe is trying to use them to her advantage and plays along. She throwing water onto the others to make them panic and screaming.

* After Big Brother sends someone mysteriously dressed in white into ‘The Hole’, Chloe tries to persuade all the housemates to go. Nick and Jade beg them to stay. Chloe can only convince Jack to leave. After leaving, Jack regrets his decision. “That was a bad decision to leave. I look like a right twat on national TV. That’s gonna get us nominated.” Adjoa adds, “They’re gonna regret that.”

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 8

Shown: Tonight, Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show are here -

Spoilers - Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

* All housemates are discussing how hungry they are in the bedroom. Harriet says, “We’ll have to.....
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