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Daily Update: Day 16 - Thurs 28th May 2015 Highlights Show - Aaron Removed From House

28 May, 2015 - 7:05 PM by James
Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 16.

Shown Tonight, Thursday 28th May at 10pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s show Aaron is removed from the Big Brother House for inappropriate behaviour. Read more in this article.

Pictures from this show are here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· The housemates have woken up in their second day of 2050. They have failed two of the tasks for this week’s luxury shopping task. This means that they have not earned any extra time in the “Time Machine Room” for the final part of the task.

· The next task consists of three giant clocks that three of the housemates must hang from for as long as they can. This is the last chance to earn extra time in the “Time Machine Room”. The three chosen housemates are Harriet, Nick and Kieran. Both Nick and Harriet are pessimistic about their

· Danny, Amy, Sally, Sarah and Cristian are talking about evictions. Sally says, “They’ll definitely throw in a single girl.” The causes the subject to move onto Sarah. Sally, “Would you if you weren’t in here?” Danny responds, “No I don’t think so. We’re just friends.”

· The housemates are gathered for the last task. Big Brother has chosen Amy and Jade to complete the task. Amy and Jade are called into the task room which is filled with clocks. The aim of the task is to repair the “Time Machine” so that the housemates can return to 2015. They can achieve this by answering questions about what their housemates have said about each other. They will be given a choice of three housemates. Each answer will have a corresponding time. Amy and Jade must choose an answer and find the clock with the corresponding time. When they have found the clock they must fit it into the time machine. If they find all 6 clocks in time they will have won the task. Jade comments, “There’s so many clocks. Don’t even know how to tell the time on them.”

· Question 1: is “Joel’s annoying me, I just think he’s pretentious and trying too hard” Amy and Jade
guess Sarah correctly and find the clock. Question 2: “She believes in having multiple relationships. Now in my opinion, that is just a posh word for immortality.” Amy and Jade correctly guess Joel. Initially they put down the wrong time. On a second try, they find the correct clock. Question 4: “Danny looks sexy today. Look at his bum.” Initially, Jade and Amy guess Aaron. This is incorrect. They change their answer to Sarah. This is correct. Question 5: “I don’t fancy her. She’s not someone who I would see myself with.” Amy and Jade correctly guess Danny. Amy comments, “This is nasty this.” Question 6: “I’d ****ing love to see the back of her- bang bang the witch is gone.” Amy immediately tells Jade, “I said that.” Jade responds, “That’s mild to compared to what I’m used to. It’s ok.” They find the right clock and complete the task.

· Amy apologies to Jade for what she said. Jade responds, “I’ve been a wagon here.” Amy responds, “I have thought to myself afterwards, why are you saying that? You don’t need to.” Jade responds, “I’m not going to be like that anymore. It’s not good for the house. I know it was my fault.” From outside Sally comments, “It’s a task in itself getting those two together.”

· Big Brother announces that they have won the task.

· Chloe is in the Diary Room talking about evictions. She is talking about those up for eviction and feels glad that she is not. “We’re all happy and relieved we aren’t up. No one wants to go but that’s just the aim of the game.” She adds, “Every week someone has to go… but I do hope we’re getting a new person.”

· Jade is talking with Sally and Amy in the smoking area. Nick and Harriet are also there. Sally says, “At least she was honest and just said it.” Nick says, “The thing is with Jade, there’s a wall she puts up. There’s a really lovely person underneath. I knew you two would become friends.”

· Jack and Nick are talking. Jack says in regards to Friday’s eviction, “Stop worrying!” Nick responds “It’s easy to say that when you’re not up!”

· Danny is in the Diary Room talking about Sarah. “Me and her know there’s nothing in it because we’re just friends. There is some sort of connection. I’m not going to lie, it’s probably crossing the friendship barrier.”

· Sarah and Jade are in the smoking area talking about the task. Sarah says, “I feel quite flattered that I’m not up for nomination.” Jade says, “I haven’t spoken to Eileen. That’s a major thing for me for me to apologise like that. In the outside world, you just walk away.” Jack is in the Diary Room. He says, “I’m struggling with the secret charade.” He adds, “The people that can go, I’m not really happy about leaving. I feel Chloe is the most vulnerable to the public vote.” “On Friday , they’re going to be like, “you knew all along,” and I’m going to look like a right idiot. I’m crap at keeping secrets. Friday’s going to be the worst day ever.”

· The housemates are playing Truth or Dare.

· Danny asks Joel, “Who is your least favourite housemate?” Joel says, “Jade. You accused me of being devious.” Jade responds, “I challenged you and you walked away like a little girl.”

· Amy and Nick are in the garden talking about making peace with Jade. Amy says, “Even now tonight, I feel so much more relaxed. I can feel good feelings towards her.”

· Jade is in the Diary Room. “I really don’t like Joel. Although he’s very clever and outspoken, I don’t think he can handle my mental capacity. “She also talks as if she’s confronting Danny, “I think everyone in the house was getting along. Your question, you know who that would be directed at and I think she done it to cause a bit of a stir and I didn’t appreciate that.”

· Nick and Jack are talking about evictions. Nick says, “I’m starting to really appreciate myself. I’m not a bad person.” Jack says, “I know in my head who’s going on Friday. Nick, trust me, you’ll be fine.”

· Aaron and Joel are in the bedroom with Nick, Jack, Harriet, Sarah and Danny. Aaron seems drunk and is flashing Joel and being rowdy, often naked. Despite Joel's continual requests for him to behave himself, Aaron continues to tease and flash to the amusement of some of the other Housemates. As a result of his actions, Aaron is ejected from the Big Brother House.

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 16.

Shown Tonight, Thursday 28th May at 10pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s show Aaron is removed from the Big Brother House for inappropriate behaviour. Read more in this article.

Pictures from this show are here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
Published on: 28 May, 2015 - 7:05 PM Comment with Quote

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