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Daily Update: Day 18 - Sat 30th May 2015 Highlights

30 May, 2015 - 9:09 PM by James
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 18.

Shown Tonight, Saturday 30th May at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· It’s eviction day and Eileen, Jade, Cristian, Joel and Nick all think they are facing the public vote but what they don’t know is that they are safe and the rest of the house face eviction. Jack is in on the reversal and used one of his immunity passes to save himself.

· Cristian is feeling the pressure and paces around the garden, rapping. Nick and Sarah look on and advise him to ‘stop getting wound up’.

· Kieran and Danny chat about the possibility of new housemates and Kieran says he wants someone to come in ‘and stir sh*t up’.

· Jack is asked by Big Brother in the Diary Room if he is looking forward to tonight’s evictions and the revelation of his involvement and he says: ‘Yeah, it will be nice to get it off my chest.’

· The Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the eviction results. Jack tellingly says ‘I’m sorry’ to the group even before Big Brother announces that the nominations have been reversed and the Housemates that were previously safe are now up for eviction and that Jack used one of his immunity passes to save himself.

· Big Brother announces that the first Housemates to leave are the twins. Amy and Sally leave the house to loud booing.

· Jade consoles a crying Eileen.

· Big Brother tells Kieran, Chloe, Sarah, Danny and Harriet to go into the garden. Harriet is then told to stand and walk to the Timebomb Machine and sit down. She takes this chance to tell the group that she has ‘ber washing’ in the house. After the countdown the machine revolves and she’s gone! In her place is a smiling Harry Amelia, the group seem bemused.

· Next up to enter the Timebomb machine is Danny, he revolves and remains and is therefore safe.

· Next is Kieran who disappears and so is evicted and in his place is a suited, grinning Marc. Jade seems to know Marc and exclaims: ‘I don’t like him.’

· Nick assures Marc that he is going to have a great time in the house.

· Jade takes Harry Amelia to the picture wall and gives her the low down on the Housemates – past and present.

· Cristian’s looks seem to have made Marc insecure and tells him: ‘I walked in and felt ugly.’

· Harry Amelia tells Nick she has never watched Big Brother. She further tells him she lives with ‘her wife’ but laughs and says she isn’t a lesbian.

· Jade and Marc talk about where in Ireland they are from and Chloe says that to her, Marc sounds ‘more Irish’.

· Jade and Chloe talk about Marc and Jade says that her ex-boyfriend ‘*****ing hates him’.

· Jade checks in on Jack and asks him if he is alright and Jack says: ‘No, I’m *****ing not’. He goes on to say that he thinks Marc is ‘an absolute w*nker’.

· The Diary Room appears on the screen and in the chair, a new Housemate. Big Brother tells Sam that there are currently 11 Housemates in the house and for her to enter, one must leave. She is told that in an envelope beside her is the name of one of the two Housemates up for eviction. Sam opens the envelope and reveals that it contains – Sarah!

· Sarah looks shocked and leaves the house to booing after saying goodbye to her fellow housemates, two of whom seem particularly upset by this turn of events – Danny and Jade.

· Sam apologises to everyone for the repercussions of her arrival and tells her new Housemates she feels ‘like a rotten egg’.

· Eileen welcomes Sam and tells her: ‘You’re going to love it, girlfriend!’

· Big Brother again, gathers the Housemates on the sofas and tells them that there is one more Timebomb to go. The Housemates look in the garden and see none other than Mr Showbiz himself, Simon! In front of Simon is a stand with a Timebomb placed on it, Big Brother tells Simon to pull the pin and the bomb explodes leaving the message that Simon is now no long ‘evicted’ but ‘safe’. Simon says: ‘Thank you Big Brother’. Simon then re-joins the house.

· Marc makes himself impossible to ignore in the house by telling Harry Amelia to stop eating and that he only wants to see ‘t*ts on a stick’.

· Simon walks round the house repeating his mantra of ‘showbiz!’ and Jack says: ‘That’s going to piss me off.’

· Danny isn’t impressed with Marc and says he is ‘trying to be a lad’.

· Simon asks Sam: ‘You know what happened to me, don’t you?’ Sam replies: ‘You don’t *****ing shut up about it.’

· Chloe is called to the Diary Room and Marc quips that she is going in for STI test, Chloe does not take this well and loses her temper with him. Danny takes this opportunity to express his emerging dislike for Marc by protecting Chloe and they square up to each other with Marc saying that Danny is ‘in his space’. Danny says: ‘You’re in my space, this is my house!’

· Chloe is in the Diary Room and asks to be let out to finish her row with Marc. Big Brother tells her to remain in the Diary Room until she calms down.

· Cristian, Chloe and Jade talk about Marc and Cristian thinks they should give him a chance. Jade is not so sure and says: ‘He’s like that twenty four seven.’

· Marc is called to the Diary Room and is asked by Big Brother if he thinks his comment was appropriate. He agrees that it was not and that he will consider Housemates’ feelings before speaking. Big Brother makes sure that Marc understands.

· As Marc leaves the Diary Room, Jade asks if he got a warning and Marc replies: ‘Don’t be nosy.’

· Marc and Danny clear the air in the garden and Danny tells him he’s only been here five minutes and that Chloe is a ‘vulnerable woman’.

· Cristian, Joel, Nick and Jade talk about Marc in the garden and Cristian repeats that they need to be fair just as Marc walk over to them. Marc accuses Jade of not using her real accent and she finally says: ‘Dude, I think you’re a *****ing dick.’

· Marc also makes up with Chloe and he admits he went too far and they have a hug and laugh it off.

· Sam admires Danny’s ‘cheeky little dimples’.

· Marc asks Jade why she is in the show and she says she is on a soul journey and wants to ‘find herself’. He mocks her for styling herself as ‘polyamorous’ and accuses her of not understanding what it means. Jade tells him she was ‘*****ed over’ by some people in the house and Marc replies that the people who hated her have gone. Marc tells her he will accept no more ‘b*llocks’ from her and she tries to stop herself from laughing.

· Danny is called to the Diary Room and is told by Big Brother to keep in mind what should and shouldn’t happen in the house as perhaps he went too far with Marc in his protection of Chloe. He gets upset and says of the house: ‘It’s hard, you can’t have your own time to think.’

· It’s 4am and Marc is still chattering away. Jack tells him to have some respect and quieten down for the night and Marc asks why, as none of them have work in the morning.

· Danny sadly kisses the picture of Sarah before joining the others in the bedroom after a very tumultuous night.

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Comment posted by: reece(:
No Cristian vs Harriet
Published on: 30 May, 2015 - 6:32 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: Vanessa
Cristian the peacemaker. The row looks great. Can't wait for that. i knew that Marc would be trouble.
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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 18.

Shown Tonight, Saturday 30th May at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· It’s eviction day and Eileen, Jade, Cristian, Joel and Nick all think they are facing.....
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